Why Having A Younger Sister These Days Is Soo Annoying -__-

By the title, most of you might be thinking… well why? having a sister is pretty awesome. Well guess what..ITS NOT! At all. JUST NOPE. Sisters these days are not like sisters like the old days. A lot of things are different now, including my little sister’s personality

My sister is one little devil who never seems to ever get in any trouble, not like her older poor and innocent sister aka me;), she seems to always get everything. My parents care about her more than they do to me. It’s like her wish is my parent’s command. WHYYY? I don’t get it. Well yeah, she’s younger and not as wise and mature like her older sister (I’m neither of those) but shouldn’t you be also the most mature person with more love. Example; my mom would always yell at me for not cleaning my room but when it comes to my sister, my mom asks her very graciously. Like why can’t I have some of that? My mom just be yelling in my ear to wake up in the morning and to my sister she makes her breakfast. Now I’m not sure if my mom is trying to make me jealous or something but it does work. I need to be taken care of (by taken care of I mean I need someone to make me breakfast in the morning because I’ll be too busy trying to get ready for school). Okay, let’s skip that drama for now and can we PLEASE talk about how annoying it is after coming back from school, going home, to bed and having to listen to your annoying little sister and her crew talk about how school was so hard for them. Give me a break! All you have to do is add 1+2 then color a picture that’s already outlined for you and your calling that hard. Seriously, I come home tired, can’t wait to fall asleep, and after I do, I go eat, then run off to finish my homework. I have no time to hear your ugly voice talking to your weird drama queen friends. Like tbh, no one else in my family uses the phone as much as Haidy does. The second she and I enter the door, we hear the phone ring. Just please tell me how you get so many friends that call upon you that much and check if you’re doing well.I don’t have friends like that… the least thing my friends would do is give me a “Hi or Hey” text. And that probably happened once a year. Haidy has her friends calling her 24/7. LIKE SERIOUSLY 24/7. One second it’s Teresa, the other its Valeria, the other is Casey, honestly just too much drama. And no the worst part is as I get to my room trying to sleep and all, I hear my sisters loud ishhy talking on the phone with her friends about Roblox or MovieStarPlanet… or I don’t know… whatever she plays there. But yeah… that’s my life… with my annoying little sister… at home… after school… in this cruel boring life… living in this universe… and I feel like I’m talking too much soo…. PEACE ✌️


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