Four Words

As I normally walked into the classroom, carrying all different kinds of books, from science to math to history, all at once landing them on my table. And as I look up, I realize four bold unique words up on the board above my head. I think to myself what do these have to do with school. As I unstack my chair and sit down,  listening to people’s annoying conversations, I try to get a better understanding of what those four words meant. Care, Think, Design and Act. That was 2015, Today, its 2016. A year ago, and yet, its the new school year, sir took everything down from last year except those four words. At that moment i did not realize what the big deal of those four words were, but now speaking, second year in Mr. Trenholm’s class, and getting to know him better, I sorta realized what they were meant for. Read the other blogs to find out what each word represents…


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