“Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe”

Image result for your vibe attracts your tribeTo me, this quote had me thinking a lot. The moment I read it, a lot of ideas popped into my head. What it was, what it meant. I didn’t really have a great understanding of it. I read it a few times more and then realized… oh wait… I know what this means. “Your vibe attracts your tribe”. To me, I don’t think it’s actually talking about the tribes, or what tribe you were from. I think there is a way deeper definition to it. I think what it means is that whatever your vibe is… it attracts your tribe. Trib as in friends, family members, your gang, basically anyone you engage with. Your tribe is your people, the people you’re always with, those people that get affected by your positive or negative vibes. If your vibe is negative, then your tribe will be affected, if your vibe is positive, then your tribe’s vibe will sort of be positive.  So to be this quote isn’t just about where you’re from and what your tribe is. It’s what you do and what you act like that affects the others around you. I can relate to this quote because my parents always remind me that I have a younger sister (like I would ever forget that annoying rat) and that she is always looking up to me, she watches what her older siblings do and then puts them into actions. So as I read this quote, a picture of my “innocent” (as my parents would say) sister smiling and looking up to me… watching me every move… what I do affects her a big deal! She puts my every word into action… if I say something mean or rude… the second I look away, she starts doing the same thing. This is why I always have to keep watch of what I’m saying or what I’m doing because, at the end of the day, it all comes us and how your actions reflect on “our tribes”. And I’m not just talking about my little annoying sister. It also happens a lot to me when im with my little cousin or even at school. I am in grade 8.. also known as the leaders of the school.. little children look up to me and my classmates… they watch us and do whatever we do thinking its right. So what I think this quote is trying to get the reader to understand is that whatever you do, or however you act around your tribe, or whoever you think follows you… it will affect them and they will start doing the same exact thing.


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