Image result for word careThey are just 4 letters… C, A, R, and E, yet they have such a powerful meaning…

I’ve heard once from my grandma that the deepest meaning of love is to care about someone so deeply that you unconsciously put them before yourself and are willing to stand by them whenever they need the hand of help. To me, care isn’t about loving someone, in some ways it is, but it’s more about the true understanding and trust of an individual. Putting yourself out there to help others while some would rather just stand behind the scene watching. Truly caring about someone is showing them, in not just words or a fake smile, but in the actions, you take upon them. To care for someone is to be concerned about them, to check up 0n them, to see and help them. Sometimes caring about someone doesn’t always need to be in action. Perhaps I was wrong… What am I talking about… I’m always wrong 😂 Sometimes… Just thinking about someone and being concerned without showing it off into action can mean the most meaningful thing you can ever do. To me, I don’t have a great understanding of this word, nor why sir put it up as the largest font size of all the rest, but I’m guessing its because to sir, caring and loving others the way you want to be cared about is the number one priority in our school or more… our class. In fact, I think that’s why the quote “Treat others the same way you want to be treated” is our school’s golden rule. And by what I’m guessing, it’ll also be Mr.Trenholms forever golden rule in his classroom. Like I said before, I don’t have the greatest understanding of the word, not to lie, half of the time, I don’t even understand things sir says, but who am i to say anything? 😂 I’m just an abnormal girl with zany humor… who also seems to suck at everything life throws at her… 😛


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