Im Just A Kid With Autism

20743048386_6b83ee4245_oThe sound of my bike tire crunching the leaves that fell from their trees to the ground satisfied me as I rode my bike deeper into the foggy woods. It was that time of year in October where everything was just a big blur. It was just too foggy to the point I couldn’t tell if there was a tree in front of me or not. I’m not even sure how I still didn’t fall off my bike or had hit a tree. I’m just trusting my fate. Lost is a word that I don’t like using, I prefer something more simple, like “off track” or something like “No destination”. People say I’m lost, but who are they to say that, they don’t know me. I say I’m found, or maybe finding…

As i got deeper into the woods, the fog increased to the point i could no longer see my hands on the bike steer. My head was full of weird images of the day i left home. Those images… as hard as i wanted to forget them, but never did. It was like someone put gorrila glue and stuck it to my head. Nevertheless, i am trying my best to overcome the fear… the terror… everything from my past. I didnt want to be who i was before. That kid. That one kid. That one ubnormal kid. That kid with autism. That kid who no one understood. That kid was me. But not anymore… not after running away. That was my past, but this is my future. After i run away from this town, no one will know me. Know one will know my past. No one understood what i went through. I was just this untypical freaky kid who scared everyone. This is why i had no friends. But not anymore… not this time… this will never happen to me again in the future. NOT ANYMORE!

I got off my bike and kept walking with my bike, still hearing the satisfying sound of the leaves crunching under my foot, I felt a little warmth. Not sun warm, but warmer than earlier. The fog started to clear alittle. I kept walking and walking till i felt like i no longer have feet to walk on. I needed to rest. But where..? Im just here all alone with no one in this nowhere. I brought my bike and leaned it on to this old and heavy looking dark brown tree, I got out a small blanket that i had taken with me in my small backpack. I laid it on the ground and made a decision to nap for only fifteen minutes. No more than fifteen. I leaned my ead back on the tree and pulled my blanket up on me to keep me warm. I closed my eyes and let my imagination take on for a while…

I slowly opened my eyes, wanting to keep shut, but i knew i had to keep going. I felt some light in my eyes. I blocked it with my hand, i tried anyways, but it didnt work. What was that light? I… Im not sure, nor am I sure I want to know. I just felt like i am safe of where i am and once again shut my eyes closed and kept dreaming… dreaming of whatever i was dreaming about. I didnt know for sure. When ever I wake up after a dream, I forget everything. Im not sure if thats normal or not… but im a kid with autism, nothing seems right to me.

People with autism arent abnormal people. They are just as important as everyone else. They just see things differently. I hope you all respect that the same way I do.

I hope this short story made sense to some of you… Stay weird…. 😉




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