Playing The Piano

Image result for pianoIf I have never mentioned this earlier… I do care about music probably more than I care about math or language arts! I’m not sure what attracts me to music this much but I really like it. The fact that I just found out that I can actually play the piano without a doubt is a major step in my life. My dad took piano lessons when he was younger and is wishing to pass on the tradition of playing the piano to me since none of my siblings appreciate the beauty of music. After months of practice, I now am finally outstanding in something. After only one month of training with my dad, I feel it’s safe to say now that I can finally play an insrtument. The reason I feel like this is a major step in my life is because I know a lot of people don’t appreciate music, and some didn’t when they were younger but as they grew they realized how amazing music is (Like Mr. Trenholm). So now if I really can play the piano and keep practicing, I would want to compete in competitions and challenge myself. Challenge myself to become better. Challenge myself to see how awesome I really am. ( even though I already know how awesome I am ;p) And finally challenge me to try something new. I want to take the high roads. I want to keep challenging myself for the best. I want to keep climbing up, and if I fall, I’ll get up on my knees and keep climbing. This is a great chance for me to see if I can challenge myself and get back on my knees without giving up. Playing the piano… might seem easy to others, but when you come to try it, it’s way more difficult than it seems. It’s like judging how hard a book is based on its cover. And by this test, I will improve the confidence in me.


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