R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Me…

“Good morning. Good afternoon. Goodnight. Have a nice day. Yes, Sir! Yes, Mam. Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Mam.”

All the examples above are just simple words you probably say daily and not realize it. (or not, if your one of those people who have not even a clue what respect is…) These words are so small, but their meanings to people are very powerful. Just by saying any kind manner or respectful mannered sentence can change a person’s whole perspective of you. These simple words can bring joy to someone’s day. Showing respect is the easiest thing you can ever do, it earns respect from the person you’re saying it to and makes you feel better about yourself. To me, there’s nothing better than knowing that someone respects me the same way I respect them. I really appreciate it. Showing respect. Showing someone you do care about their opinions and their beliefs. Making it a habit will earn you so much respect for your reputation. It’s as simple as just going up to a person and greeting them with a good morning, good afternoon, or goodnight. To me, I find this as a habit. Not often do I do it to my friends and the people the same age as me because I just find it funny when I do. However, I always feel the need to say it to my elders. I feel the need to always be respectful towards them. They are older than me, the least I can do is show some respect. Adults, your parents, your teachers… even your bus driver… basically anyone you think deserves respect, even the people that don’t, still be respectful (but sound a little sarcastic..😈) I have a very high respect for my bus driver. I don’t know how she handles 35 kids all at the same time. Excluding the fact that they yell and scream a lot. (that’s me) I make sure to say every kind mannered word I know to her. I think my bus driver deserves more respect from the students on our bus. … so you see.. these little things can cheer up someone’s day. My bus driver was just an example of one of them. Now back to the main topic… I think everyone deserves endless respect. Whether they are older than you, or younger than you, or even people who you see as strangers. Good manners and respect are very important characteristics you need in your life, from now, till the end of time. Every single minute of every single hour of every single day… (okay maybe I’ve gone too far but you get the point…)

Thank you, sir/mam, for your wasting your precious time reading this nonsense… now if you would like, listen to some “respectful” music… if you would like… no pressure. *total pressure*




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