Eye Contact 👀

The classroom was silent. The only person we heard talking was our young teacher’s deep voice. It was one hot afternoon at the start of October. His voice was soft, but still deep to the point I wanted to fall asleep on my desk. As he looked up from the book he was reading to us, he turned and looked at me… WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO..? Should I just look away…? This is actually weird and creepy. I didn’t know what to do so I just kept looking at him as he continued to turn around and talk while making eye contact with other classmates.

Hmm.. eye contact… 😁. Ask yourself these simple questions… what is the mass of the earth.. (no I’m kidding that was a joke please don’t take it seriously).                               Ask yourself THIS: Will it kill me to make eye contact with a person while speaking. The correct answer is no (unless it’s Superman, he’ll kill you with just one look.. but if not then you’re doing fine). What will happen if I make eye contact with the person I am speaking to instead of looking down or being distracted? Literally nothing… or wait… yea nothing.

I’m 100% sure it doesn’t cost anything to make eye contact with a person, trust me on this one. Yet somehow it is so difficult to do so. Okay, lets get this straight… you expect me to look at someone straight in the eye for 20 min without getting bored… sorry mam or sir but that’s not happening unless I get 24 good hours of sleep. I’m a person who doesn’t like making eye contact with people because to me, I find it a little disrespectful. Back in Syria, you were supposed to pay close attention to our teacher, but when she’s (or he) is talking to you, you’re supposed to look down to show appreciation and respect for them. So when I came to Canada, it was very hard for me to make eye contact a habit. I’ve been here for 6 years now… yet it’s still very difficult for me to even pay attention to a person more than 5 min. I just get bored. I’m a teen. Just deal with the fact that that’s how my brain works. So when people keep talking or chatting, I usually just look away. However, even they do turn around and look at me, I always make sure to make them think that I’ve been making eye contact even when they weren’t looking.

Sir talked about how eye contact is the second rule of the book he was reading to us. To me, eye contact is another way of showing respect to a person like your teacher (or your bus driver. -if you don’t know what I’m talking about go check out my RESPECT blog) I think it was the second rule on how to get the best out of your students because if I were a teacher, to make sure my students are paying attention to me, I would look them in the eyes, if they look away, they aren’t paying attention, if they keep staring, then they probably are. I think to teachers, eye contact should be a big deal on your report card. You will need it your entire life. Whether the world changes or not, respect and showing eye contact are the number one priority (to me anyway…:) )




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