Killer Clowns Have Gone Too Far..?

Imagine driving along a dark, winding road, turning the corner and seeing a clown standing in the middle of the road. It’s a scene right out of a scary movie. These creepy clowns have named themselves the “Killer Clowns”. They’ve been making an appearance on social media via prank videos and even threats at school. I think what started off as this funny clown prank has taken a sinister turn in some cases. There have been reports of people in clown costumes approaching children and creeping the you-know-what out of them!! I read on one website where a 13-year-old girl was arrested in Virginia after asking a person dressed as a clown on social media to kill one of her teachers! (This is why I never want to become a teacher.)

I think this has gone WAY too far. There are monsters out there hiding under a stupid terrifying mask scaring the hell out of every child and adult to the point people are afraid to even be outside is just SO DAMN RIDICULOUS!!!! First of all, it was cyberbullying, hiding behind that white screen and bullying people. But now… creeping, pranking, hurting and threatening people, what has this world gone into..?  And even worst… dressing up as CRAZY CLOWNS and doing all that is..? ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I’m telling you right now, if in just five more years, our lives will ALL be on the line if we don’t stop this craziness now… IT JUST NEEDS TO STOP!! After I read the article I’m scared to even step outside! I really hope this stops before it gets out of hand… but to be completely honest… on Halloween, im going to dress up as the killer clown and go creep the heck out of every friend i know… 😇


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