My Hearts A Stereo❤️

No matter how many new songs are out, there will always be that part of me that will forever love the old songs. This is just one of them. What made me fall in love with this song is the lyrics. The lyrics are just so cute and calm. In 2016, It seems like every songwriter/singer finds the need to make loud, crazy, not lyrical music. No matter how good the beat is, the lyrics will always be the best part of any type of song. Only people who know what real music is, will notice the lyrics first and fall in love with music that have good lyrics. Yes, some of the new songs are awesome too, but I feel like the artist have forgotten what the true meaning of music was. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t either because I don’t make music, but for those who do, aren’t you suppose to know what music should be like? My type of music genre is hip-hop , pop, and country. I like a lot of others too, but usually, these are the ones I love most and are the ones I like listening to. If you haven’t heard the song “My Hearts A Stereo”, then don’t worry, I always got ya back buddy! Listen to it, and I hope the first thing you like about the song is the lyrics. Because that’s what I look for in music… the lyrics… and how I connect to them.


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