The Main Lesson Of The Parable Of The Prodigal Son

Image result for Parable Of The Prodigal SonHave you ever been loved by someone…? Not a regular love… but love that is unconditional. Have you ever met someone so eager to grab you into their arms even after you had disobeyed them and lost their trust for you?  Have you..? This love that god gives us is beyond the type of love any human on this planet can provide. The love that god has for us is relentless and endless. There is nothing like his love for us. Can you imagine..?  After all the horrible things we have done throughout our lives, God still loves us. Is this even possible you ask? I’m not even sure… but I’m guessing that this story proves it. The Parable Of The Prodigal Son. Everyone probably should have heard it. It’s one of Jesus’s most relatable stories. Very different from others. Jesus shared this parable with his disciples. In the parable, a father with two sons. The young one is selfish and doesn’t care about his father, and the other is very hard working and obeys his father’s commands. The younger one took half of his father’s property and wasted it. And when he had nothing left, he went back to his father and asked for forgiveness. What i thought was going to happen is that the father will never forgive him. I guessed this because i knew my dad wouldn’t, but my dad’s actions don’t apply to every father. So what actually happened was that the minute the father saw the young son, he ran to his son and threw his hands around him and kissed him. He forgave him before he even said sorry. He then prepared to celebrate that his young son was once dead and now is alive, was lost and now found, and for this, he killed a fatted calf to celebrate his return home. Can you imagine that? After the older son came, he was disappointed because he has always worked for him, but when this son of his comes and wastes his property and then comes and asks for forgiveness, the father celebrates..? Jesus then went on and explained to his disciples that the father in this parable is just a symbol of gods love for us. This parable of Jesus’ very relatable. Yes… we all make mistakes… but I think what Luke was trying to teach us is that no matter how badly we have sinned, as long as we are sorry and ask for forgiveness, god is always there for you and will always forgive you no matter what the situation is.

I think the use of parables to send out messages or lesson to be taught is a very effective way to teach students (or anyone) the importance of forgiving and to be forgiven. I think parables are a better way to keep a lesson last a lifetime because usually, the stories are relatable which make them easy to remember. Also, that there are deeper lessons behind them. So for sure, you will at least remember some part of a parable after it being told.  I think Jesus told these parables to his disciples to teach them about different kinds of love, different kinds of forgiving and to be forgiven, and different kinds of lessons to be taught and so to pass on to the others and teach them as well… But I think a huge part of this was asking for forgiveness. If the young son hadn’t felt the guilt inside and didn’t need his father to forgive him, then he would not have gone, and if he didn’t go, then he would not know exactly how much his father loved and cared about him. Without the true wanting of forgiveness, why and how would you expect anyone to forgive you? Yes you can say you’re sorry and you can ask for forgiveness but what’s the point if you don’t really mean what you say..? However, I still think without even asking for forgiveness, God will still forgive you for what you have done because God loves each and every one of us no matter what… this is why we call his love for us eternal… ❤


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