Why Arabic Is A Weird Language

You know… for someone who speaks 3 languages at the same time… I’ll be honest and say, out of all the languages I know… Arabic is probably the funniest and weirdest.

Arabic is not an easy language to learn. In fact, it might be one of the hardest. I don’t even know how to spell my name in Arabic and I am Arabic… so yea.. Awkward… but for real, though, it’s hard to understand. There are 28 letters in total, and every single one of them has at least 3 different kinds of positions. Now if you speak English as a first language you probably thinking “this girl has problems” , and I’m not even fighting with you on that because I probably do, but when it comes to this topic… is an EXPERT! Trust me on this! The letters are just so damn confusing. It’s like there are 3 different letters of every letter. Wait… if… wait… 28 x 3=84. So there’s 84 different positioning of the Arabic alphabet. So that means to learn Arabic to its fullest, you will need to learn 28 letters, and 84 different positionings of the letters because again, every alphabet has 3 different positionings so it’s like saying there’s 3 different letter because they look so different from one another, but sound the same and are spelled the same. Oh my gosh, this is actually so confusing. I don’t even understand where I’m heading anymore. But you know… the good thing about this whole weird lettering thing is that your friends will never learn Arabic… so when I’m pissed at them, I make fun of them in Arabic. It’s really fun to try. I call Crystal a nut head but she thinks I’m telling her she looks pretty. 😈 Also… the way Arabs talk is just too damn funny. Did you know there are about 8 completely different accents of the Arabic language? It depends on where you were raised. If you are from Lebanon, your accent will sound Lebanese, therefore when you talk Arabic, you’ll sound like a girly-cow-trying-to-escape-its-barn. Where I come from, which is Iraq, we speak Maslowee, therefore we sound like a tough-looking-but-secretly-scared-to-death-dying-goose. I hope this helped you understand how lucky you are not to be born an Arab. Now that you got some basic understanding of how weirdly dumb but very hilarious the Arabic language is… you can go and thank god that you aren’t an Arab.. and if you are an Arab reading this… please don’t show this blog to my grandma… :’)

Here is a 10-second short video explaining how we Arabs see ourselves speaking Arabic vs how others see it…


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