Your New Engineer!

My dream finally came true! I can’t believe I’m finally a real engineer. I’ve been eager for this day to finally come. And now… without even noticing, it came! But sadly, I’m not an actual engineer with a university or college degree, instead, I was just chosen to be the engineer in my design group. Mr. Trenholm (our teacher) asked us to take this seriously as if we are actually into a job in designing and engineering. So after I got my job, I was then in charge of everything my group was doing, in charge of who to choose to be the foreman, of what the theme or jobs will be to organize and create a unique and entertaining flow of our classroom. At this moment, I feel very responsible… and maybe a little too responsible. I made my foreman sign a piece of paper that instructs her about not fooling around and trying her best to make things work for us as a group. Everyone thought this was weird, but I thought it was responsible… 😂. Anyways, by the end of this month, I’m hoping we can at least get half of the things we wanted to get done. Responsibility is the key….


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