Why This Generation Sucks When It Comes To Exercise

When thinking about this generation, I usually think about all the horrible things that this generation has brought to life. Maybe you might not agree with me, but you know deep inside that I’m right… (bc I’m always right!). Let’s all face it. We all know that this generation sucks when it comes to talking about exercise… I mean think about it… with all the technology, social media, incredible inventions we have under our hands right now, do you think we even need exercise? Well, the answer is yes, but in some ways that’s a no, but again its a definite yes!

For many years, Human’s only way of communicating was by going to them face to face or sending them a letter in the mail. Now, I’m sure everyone knows that there is no such thing as sending cute letters to your crush or going all the way to someone’s house just so you can talk to them. That’s now is known for “Old fashion communication”. I think that texting and talking on the phone are great ways to get in touch with people who live far away from you, but for the ones you live a blog away from, I find it useless and senseless. I find it that way because I respect this generations technology and inventions, but the thing about it is that it just makes us lazier than we already are. Especially teenagers these years. They all think that being lazy is a “normal thing” that all teenagers experience, but tbh, they are wrong. They think its “normal” because that’s what everyone is doing in this generation. And maybe by the time it gets to 2030, we will all be in our beds, brushing our teeth, showering, watching tv and playing video games all that the same time. My point is, teenagers or anyone in general in this generation are not getting enough exercise because of the things they can do using technology like texting or calling one another without needing to be near one another.

Ps, this is a major problem because say you never exercise (so basically your kind of fat) and is right now being chased by a Killer Clown.
Killer Clown= chases you.
It chasing you= you running.
You running= you stopping to take breaths.
You stopping to take breathes= clown catches up.
Clown catches up= clown will get to you.
Clown gets to you= they will stab/shoot/kidnap you.
Them shooting/kidnapping/stabbing you= you getting hurt.
You getting hurt= going to the hospital.
Going to the hospital= chance of you dying.
Chance of you dying=… idk basically YOULL DIE! End of story…Start doing your exercise in order to live!



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