Why I Never Enjoy Halloween

Coming from the Middle East to Canada, there are a whole lot of challenges that I had to face. One of those challenges were dealing with the one and only… (roll drum please)… Halloween!! When we came here we had no idea what”Halloween” even was.

In the Middle East, we had no clue what Halloween even meant. Such thing as “Halloween”, we prefer to as “worshiping the devil”. Even though that’s not what Halloween is about, dressing up like ghosts and monsters made my parents (and other parents from the middle east) think that Halloween is about worshiping the devil. Now I’m not sure where that dramatic outcome came from but it sounds retarded to me. The Middle Easters, first of all, judge things WAY too fast! They never really understand the situations, then end up coming with ridiculous outcomes. One of them was this. But no… if you’re asking that not the reason why I never enjoy Halloween… the real reason though is….. (keep reading if your not lazy. You made it this far son!!)

So back to what I was explaining…. the real reason why I don’t exactly enjoy Halloween is because I have never really gone out trick or treating. I’ve been in Canada for almost 6 years now, yet I have only gone out trick or treating 2 years. The only occasion that would force me to go trick or treating is if my banana best friend (Ban) keeps annoying me (like she did last year, and the year before) and asking me to come with
her to go trick or treating (actually, the girl is honestly such a sweetheart, I was the one who forced her last year to go trick or treating because I was going to stay home alone). That’s about the only reason I would be out in the streets on Halloween. I usually find Halloween a petrifying night. I feel like I 200might get kidnapped, or hurt whenever I go out of the house on Halloween. This feeling probably formed up because of all the bloodcurdling senseless movies that I watch all the time. It’s that day of every year where I hide out from everything. I shut and lock the doors and windows, make sure the alarm system is on, make sure I have food and water with me at all times (which actually I have with me all the time, even if it’s not Halloween), and make sure to have a phone or some sort of emergency calling device so just in case anything bad happens. Yes… I do take this `Halloween` thingy seriously, though maybe I take it a little too seriously. But that was only a couple of times that I did do this… the other years, I usually just sleep through the entire day, and if something bad happens, well on the bright side, at least I wasn’t there to see it. So now you all know why I never enjoy Halloween… Actually, this is just one of the reasons why… a couple of others reasons are…

  • I never get candy or chocolate
  • My parents usually want me dressed up as the most embarrassing things (a princess, Santa… basically every single terrifying thing that you would NOT want to be for Halloween)
  • My neighbors never give good candy, the only candy they give me are those 1980`s red and green strawberry ones that my grandma used to give me which I pretended to like.
  • My siblings never share their candies
  • I always feel embarrassed when my parents come along because they usually make me sing that old classic Halloween song `Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, not too big, not too small, just like the size of Montreal`.. (Worst child memory EVER!! Still haunting me and making me cringe whenever I remember… 😬
  • I’m too lazy to be walking around houses (give me a wheelchair and HERE I COME HALLOWEEN!!)
  • I never dress up as something scary
  • I usually make up an outfit on the day of Halloween (I’m unorganized)
  • If I try to look scary, I just end up making a fool of myself.
  • I’m not allowed to eat all the candy I get for Halloween right after I get them because my parents always have to check the candy or chocolate
  • People think they’re cooler than me because they got more candy (Bruhh… stop showing off)
  • People trade candy and chocolates right after Halloween which I find hilarious because they look like they are drug dealers selling and trading drugs (LOL)

And yeah… these are some pretty deep, thought out reasons why I never get the chance to enjoy Halloween like some others do. Anyways for those who are going out today to trick or treat… Be safe and get fat! (ps that’s another horrifying child memory. My parents used to say this and it pissed me off to the point where I hated Halloween.)

Middle Easters LOVEEEE Halloween… am I right ;`)


2 thoughts on “Why I Never Enjoy Halloween

  1. This was probably my fifth time reading this, OMG I’m still laughing LOL. One thing that I love about your blog is that sometimes or I guess mostly, use your sense of humour to accentuate(that’s the first time I used that word lol) your blog posts:)


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