80 Years Strong

This was our 80 year anniversary! 80 YEARS!!! It’s been 80 years since I met her. 80 years of a hilarious and affectionate friendship. Ahhh… I can still remember clearly the day we first met…

I quickly open my eyes to see the bright sun rays tapping on my face. I swiftly get up then rush to the filthy bathroom right beside my besties-1bedroom. Today was the big day! This is my first day at my new school!

I brushed my yellow teeth off, then combed my long blond tangled hair. I got dressed in my new uniform then ran down the creaky oaken stairs. As I rushed down, I could smell the delicious bacon my mom made every morning. They were as delicious as forbidden fruit. I got to the kitchen, and there they were, just standing still, waiting for me to sit down and take a bit. But I was late.

I rushed to the bus stop where I had to wait a couple of minutes. After a while, the bus came and I rode along. I sat on one of the maroon cozy seats all alone. There were kids screaming, yelling, jabbering, giggling, gossiping, prattle… you name it. I couldn’t even hear my thoughts anymore.

The loud clanging sound of the school bells scared me for a second as I got off the bus. I went to the room I was assigned to go to. The hallways were filled to overflowing with middle school kids. A lot of the kids frowned at me as I walked down the hallways of Rose Wood Middle School. I finally noticed the room number on the light beige door. I knocked lightly on the door as I see a shadow standing behind me. I fearfully turn around to see a gorgeous young girl. About the same age as me. Dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and a huge warm-hearted smile.

“Hey! My name is Crystal” She nicely offered her hand.

“Hi! My name is Shahad” I took her warm hand in and shook it.

“Shahad..? Oh, wait.. you’re the new girl to school, right?” She confusedly asked. Before I could even answer her she opened the door behind me then pointed towards the teacher. The kids were staring at me in confusion.

“You’re in the right place! Come in!” Her smile was as big as the crescent eclipse of the moon. “Well, It looks like you and I are going to spend a lot of time together” She joked awkwardly.

“Whats that suppose to mean?” I hesitated.

“Well, I accidentally saw the paper that fell from you which had all different sketches of the GEMINI zodiac sign and symbol representing it. I am also a GEMINI ” She explained as she invited me into the classroom.

“Oh my! Well, looks like this year isn’t going to turn as bad as I thought…” I laughed.

And that was the day I first met her.


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