Long Gone

He remembered them as clear as crystal. Those fattening, extraordinary, delicious red velvet pieces of heaven. They were as delicious as a forbidden fruit. So dreamingly tasty and remarkable. Yet they have been long gone. As much as he admired them, he knjebriel-in-20-yearsew this wasn’t him. He loved the incredible and what seemed astonishing smell that these pieces of heaven smelled like. Even from places as far as Canada to Australia, he would still be able to smell them. What they felt like… OAHH, that was his favorite part of it all! He usually licks the icing off with his index finger. Smooth and gelatinous is what he usually described them to feel like. He loved being himself. But that wasn’t what others thought. The voices inside of his head were furious. Screaming shouting and yelling all in his ear. Sometimes all he wanted to do was just shut them all up, but he didn’t know how. All he knew was that he loved eating food. Obviously, this is not how they expected him to turn out. He weighed about 136kg. This is why he ended up where he is at now. Working out himself to death just to loose a couple of pounds…


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