Quite The Creature… :|

Sometimes, looking back… I remember how much I miss my innocent childhood. Life was much more simple. I was blameless. I used to blame everything on my big brother. Everything I wanted, I got. I was spoiled… well at least for the first 10 years of my life. After those 10 years…my parents forgot what my name even was. LITERALLY!

Faking a smile? Ahh.. I’m a professional at that! The entire time I was next to this creature, I would be asking myself…”How and why the holy pasta am I here

Later on in my life… this new unnatural creature came to life. I have never seen such thing. It looked more innocent than me! That… I found unbelievable! It was light skinned with no hair. Was it bald? Probably. Light brown eyes and long lashes… wow… longer than mines. Small adorable nose and red as blood lips. It was beautiful. I felt this weird feeling that I had never felt before… Jealousy. What was it?

After a couple of years, I noticed that this extraordinary creature started looking like my family… specifically, more like me. WHAT IS THIS??? There is only one princess in this house and that is ME! ONLY ME! I tried to calm my rising temperature down. The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. The creature was so lovable. It has lived with us for quite the time now… who is IT??? WHAT IS IT??? And most importantly… WHY IS IT HERE

As the years passed by, I found out that this endearing creature turns out to be my little sister! MY. SISTER. I had a sister. It took me years to realize that this – what I used to call an unnatural creature- was my bloody sister! At first, I found it obnoxious. This small creature came to life out of nowhere and after years of hatred, you’re telling me this creature is my sister. OHHH… and my favorite part of it all was after she grew up a little, they forgot all about me. Straight up, I would ask my mom to go to the playground to play and she would yell no in my face. Then my little creature would come and ask her the same question, without even saying please or thank you, my mom would hug her with custody then answer with a lovely yes. Hmm… like is she better than me, just because she’s… what like 4, or 5 years younger…? That makes her a better person than I am.

Anyways, now that I have grown up, I realized how amazing it is to have a little sister. Forget your shoes downstairs? No problemo… “HAIDYYY! GET MY SHOES!”… It’s like I’m still the princess, maybe not the youngest one, but for sure is the funniest… lol don’t act like you didn’t laugh while reading this. I have eyes you know…

Okay so by now… I’m 13… and everyone would think that I’ve got over it. I haven’t. I’ve just gotten better at hiding it! 😈


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