Pandicorn’s Hot Seat With The Lighthousekeeper!

The unpleasantly cold and damp weather of today’s reminded him of the day it all had happened. It was such a dreadful event. He can still remember every tiny detail of the story, and here… today was the day he would share his experience with the entire world…

“We are the captains of our own ships sailing the sea of life, but in times of a stormy weather, you will discover true friends when they don’t hesitate to be a lighthouse” Yasmeen Jordan quoted. She pushed back her blond glossy luxuriant hair away from her face. “I feel like this quote describes the entire story of 6/12” Yasmeen enunciated every word slowly.”Well, you all know who that person is… or wait should I said who that hero is?” She asked changing her tone and grinniImage result for ellen showng at the loud excited crowd in the back. “Can I get a big round of applause for Jared Darden!” She put her hands together clapping loudly as she could then gazing to her left and smiling.

The crowd claps and cheers loudly as they look to the left to see 87-year-old Jared Darden walking proudly with his cane to welcome Yasmeen.

“Well, hello captain Lighthouse!” She greeted Jared as she stood up to shake his hand.

He smiled and took her hand. He shook it then sat down on the red leather couch to the left of Yasmeen’s. Trying to make himself feel comfortable, he snuggled back and turned himself to face her. As the crowd slowly seemed to stop, Yasmeen looked directly at Jared then opened her mouth to speak, but before she even could, she paused. The crowd seemed to be very pleased and satisfied with Jared coming here. The audience were loudly whistling and clapping. She laughed for a while then began when the crowd calmed down.

“So…” Yasmeen paused awkwardly. “Captain… I think you know why we brought you here…” She Grinned.

“Um no, not really” chided Jared as his voice started cracking. “No, I’m kidding. It’s all about the 6/12 accident 13 years ago… am I right? How I…” He paused to rethink for a moment. “I mean we… saved a tragic event from happening.” He looked down trying to remember exactly what had happened that day.

“I know how hard it was for you and for your people.” Yasmeen said-noticing that Jared seemed to be a little uncomfortable talking about this topic. “Okay, well let’s start off with how you felt, being responsible for a towering lighthouse. Was it normal for you to be all alone the entire time?” Her voice sounded a bit deeper at the end. As if she was willing to kill to know anything about this incident.

“I was never really lonely” His 87-year-old senescent voice uttered. “I had books, I was usually sketching the beautiful lighthouse, I always made sure the lighthouse was lit, I had a busy schedule. I could have gone out there and made friends with the villagers, but, their buzzing with anticipation and excitement was a big turn off for me.” He explained calmly. The crowd seemed to be very interested in his story, thus he continued. “When it all happened, I freaked out so badly. I thought I lost most of what’s left of my brain cells.” He joked trying his hardest to laugh with what teeth he had left. The crowd burst out in laughter.

“Suddenly, the bright lighthouse flickered away to darkness. The confused, horrified and astonishing villagers froze. They froze with no idea of what had happened, but neither did I. I ran up the aged stairs to the top of the lighthouse. I scanned the ponderous lightbulb to see what had caused it to shut down.” Jared explained, finally taking a deep breath.

“Wow, I can imagine how worried and terrified you and the other villagers were… Honestly!” Yasmeen lied. She didn’t mean to, but she thought it would be a generous thing to do to make Jared feel welcomed and comfortable.

“I tried removing the lightbulb, but the thing was too heavy. I felt pain on my back and shoulders. I tried to keep calm, but suddenly, I slipped on the toolbox I forgot I placed near me when I saw the lighthouse has shut down. The light bulb shattered into pieces that were too many to be counted. The village was silent for a couple of minutes. All worried and confused. They knew nothing. I got up as quickly as my feet could carry me then tried to fix or do anything that would reconnect light to the lighthouse, however, I failed. I froze there, not knowing what to do. ” He explained, this time a bit more facing the quiet, attentive crowd as speaking.

“Keep going!!” One of the audience shouted.

“Please finish your story! I can’t wait to hear the ending!” Another one bawled.

“Well Captain Lighthouse, seems like you’ve got some loyal fans!” Yasmeen lightly joked. “You’re better than my grandma at telling stories! Please, Mr. Jared, keep going!”

“Ahah!” The old man laughed out to her compliment. “Well, let’s see… where was I at?” He asked himself. “Oh wait! yes. I had failed to reconnect the light to the lighthouse. I heard the foghorn of the ship once more and knew I had to do something to stop it. I swiftly descended from the lighthouse. I took a deep breath in, then slowly opened the lighthouse door located on the bottom of the tower. Light rays were shining in my face. I was really confused for a second. I covered my eyes with my arm to try to avoid the blasting light…” The man couldn’t finish his sentence.

“– okay, sorry for cutting you off but I am just so excited!” She proclaimed. Taking a deep breath in she asked Jared to continue.

“Its okay, it’s a short story, but it has a really neat and wonderful ending.” He joked. “So, I completely mannaged to open the door. A beam of light flashed infront of me. I could not resist it. I slowly took down my trembling arm to see where that light came from. I thought the lighthouse shut down, but the island was all lighted. I then realized that it wasn’t the lighthouse. But instead, it was those villagers I had not once spoken to. They all gathered around holding candles, flashlights– any sort of light just to light up this place. All were heading towards the Lighthouse. Towards me. It was at that moment that I realized how much I had missed judged them.”

“WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SHIP?” One of the audiences in the far back yelled really loudly.

“The ship was safe and sound. We were all safe and sound.” Jared offered quickly. He didn’t want them to think anything horrible had happened.

And on went the crowd, including Yasmeen with the questions, not even giving the man a chance to speak. The crowd was so into his story they even forgot they were on Pandicorns Hot Spot live where millions of people can watch them.

After about an hour into the show, Jared suddenly got up, unsteadily, he started walking. Yasmeen asked him if he was alright, but as she did, the old man~Jared fell heavily to the ground making everyone cry out his name. The 87-year-old man had finally finished what he had come here to do… and now he had to go. (he dies)

The Actual Story





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