What will become of me from now on? Will I be the one who saves the life on Earth? Will I have to be responsible for everything here? Will I have to recreate life? After some time… I stopped thinking about that. Maybe because I forgot… I forgot how to think at all. Nothing changes anymore. This world now belongs to me and only me. Each and every day continues on. But I’m not lonely. At least I know that 24k will always be with me. It doesn’t bother me anymore… to know… that I’m the only human alive… that everyone and everything is gone… that this world is now my responsibility, yet I don’t know what to do with it.

All different shades of emerald grass and trees were protruding from the road as  I sauntered aimlessly with 24K. 24K is my robot best friend which my father had invented about 5 decades ago to keep me company, but mostly to make sure nothing bad happens to me. 24k is my family, my parent and everything in my life right now. As he and I roamed Earth, I realized what I have missed over the past 50 years. I realized right now why my father has sent me on that space ship to outer space, froze my entire body and mind to the point where I wasn’t able to be developed. I was unable to develop for 50 years, and here I am now, 17-year-old Ares wandering around Earth which had been destroyed over 50 years ago by another planet.

Flashbacks keep haunting me of the day I left Earth… It wasn’t like I had no option… because I did, however, I was too young to realize that option was either me or my father living… Or me dying in order to save my father’s life. I could have made him get in the spaceship and left myself behind… Maybe then he could have been the one here who is thinking all this instead of me…. I don’t want to be here… I don’t want to be alone anymore… this isn’t fair… hah… life isn’t fair…. I can’t even believe I’m talking this way when I was the only one out of billions of lives whose been saved and I’m right here talking about how maybe… just maybe I should have killed myself and sent my father to a safe place instead of it being the other way around.

I call it killing my father because if it wasn’t for me… if my father didn’t have a son, maybe my father would have been saved. This world needs a genius man like him… this world doesn’t need me… I’m just a hopeless kid with no dreams and no passion… I’m just a nobody. Why me? Out of everyone who lived on Earth, out of everyone who died, why was I saved? I didn’t know how to answer any of these questions… all I know now… is that the world needs to be recreated….

Part 2 of this story will be out near mid-December. Don’t ask why I ended it… I was just too lazy to write the rest so. yeah. Stay tuned for the rest. It’s a really wonderful story! This story was originally taken from the short anime “Shelter”>>> Click here to watch the short anime (its only 6 min)


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