Crazy Russian Hacker!

“Hello, guys and welcome to my laboratory… Where safety is number 1 priority”… LOL

When you first hear the words crazy Russian… I can probably guess what you would think of… because yes, I thought of the same thing. However, this crazy Russian hacker is not what you’re thinking of right now. This crazy Russian is actually a really famous YouTuber, with over 9 million subscribers. He is well known for his crazy experiments and hacks. Today, on Mr. Trenholm’s blog, there was a linked video by the “Crazy Russian Hacker”. The following video was titled “10 Incredible Science Experiments You Can Do At Home” Click Here To Watch The Video! 🙂

Watching this video was very entertaining and engaging. While watching the video, I learned a lot of cool hacks that would be fun to try. I tried some of them at home and I thought it was a staggering experiment. The first experiment I tried out was the simple needle-magnet thingy. Where the dude, aka crazy Russian hacker used a magnet and magnified 2 of the same sized needles. Afterward, I tested the 2 needles and used one of them to push the other 1 father. Then, I used the other side of the needle to attract the second needle to the first… then they lived happily ever after!

Image result for Styrofoam melting using AcetoneLater, I tested the Styrofoam melting using Acetone experiment. I also put nail polish remover with the Acetone to make it melt faster (I thought it would) because I researched that nail polish can be used instead of Acetone. I tried them together in hopes to get a better result, but nothing really changed. The result was the same, it was a gooey substance which I found fun to play around with. The experiment was a unique and a stirring experience. I was impressed with the outcomes because a few of the life hacks or experiments on the internet do not work, however, this crazy Russian dude always slays his videos. Likee… slay SLAY… that type of slaying. Lol.

Image result for hot vs cold water on topNow, there was one experiment that caught my attention. It was the 2 colored cups. The red colored water, which had hot water. And the blue colored water, with cold water. When the dude placed the warm water on the bottom, then flipped the cold water on top of the warm cup of water using some sort of plastic. The plastic actually held the water, which I found cool because I knew I would probably mess up and let the water drop. Anyways, he then pulled the plastic, then the hot and cold water turned both purple. When doing the same experiment, but opposite places of the hot and cold water, the warm water stays on top and the cold stays on the bottom without even contacting one another even after the plastic piece has been removed. I think this happened because it’s got a difference in density, so the hot water stays at the top. The colder water is more dense, therefore hot water would be able to float on it.

Overall, the video was incredible (lol just like the title said), I would rate it 4/5 stars… except the part where he tried to break an apple in half using his thumb… I thought instead of breaking the apple he would break his thumb, then the rest of the video would be about him being at the hospital.. but I guess not.


Anyways, I know I am definitely going to start watching more of Crazy Russian Hacker. Not that he is new to me. I watched every single video of his the entire summer of 2016. He’s a pretty cool and chill guy with a funny and unique Russian accent, how can you not enjoy that? Basically, the video was excellent and would recommend it to everyone that is mature enough to realize that you’ll probs break your thumb trying to open a hard-as-rock apple! 🙂 PEACE….




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