Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity… GRIT

Once again, Mr.Trenholm was back at it again with one of his astonishing stories. This time, however, it wasn’t really a story. There was a cliffhanger at the end which I didn’t exactly know how to react to. The word grit.

I think how sir described the word made me confused. He said he gritted his entire life, which I guess didn’t make sense to me. Before I found out what the word was, I thought it would be weird to have one characteristic that would stay with you- your entire life. I thought the word defined for growing up and learning. I thought this when sir used Grit as an example to describe his life. It makes sense, we all learn new things every day of our life. However, I then found out, after swiftly researching, that the word actually means to be courageous and to have the strength of character.

Definition Of Grit

The word grit defines a type of personality trait of which the individual combines one’s guts, resilience, initiative, and tenacity – The four GRIT components that are critical to the individual’s success.I think to me,  this word describes the long term goals

I think to me,  this word describes the long term goals an individual sets for themselves. The perseverance and passion for long-term goals. Setting goals and sticking to them no matter what the cost is. That is having grit. When I found out about this word, I asked myself how gritty I was… and if you already know me, you know my level of weirdness, so suddenly, out of nowhere, I find myself on this site taking a survey to see how gritty I was… -Link >>> To take the survey click this link ///   I took the quiz “GRIT results” & got “64-50 points: GRIT SUPERSTAR”.

I think the reason why Mr. Trenholm chose to bring up the word grit is because about 4 or 3 days ago, Mr.Trenholm explained that if we don’t set out goals for ourselves, we won’t have anything to accomplish in life. We won’t even need to accomplish anything in life. ( I think this is what he said. idk, I have a really bad memory. I actually forgot what this blog topic was even about…?) Basically, he talked about how life is all about setting goals for one’s self. And then he went on talking about hockey. I forgot. My bad 🙂

I think a great example of this word that I know of, would probably be my dad. Growing up with a family of 11 children, it was hard for him to accomplish anything without being called “stupid” or “that’s a ridiculous idea!”. My grandpa passed away before my dad even turned 13. After a couple of years, my grandma also passed away. I never got to see them, not even in pictures. All the pictures of my grandparents are in Iraq, I grew up not knowing what they even looked like.

Anyways, so my dad’s older siblings were the ones in charge, they were taking care of my dad as well as their younger siblings. All of my father’s siblings worked hard day and night to afford food and shelter for my dad’s younger siblings, including my dad. Now for me, I grew up not knowing anything about hard work or anything my parents experienced. All my parents really expected from me was some respect and good grades. My dad, though, did not have people encouraging him to study. No one taught him how to read, no one taught him how to write, no one yelled at him every night if he hadn’t finished his homework. He worked day and night with his older siblings (my uncles who also passed away without me knowing how they even looked) however, he still left some time for school work. He was so passionate to the point it’s not even possible. That’s one of the main things that I adore about him. His level of grittiness is over and beyond the scale. He graduated from University and started to work as an architecture and mechanical engineer. He was very successful even with no parents guiding him, and even with all that negativity from others, he grew up to be a very generous an successful man. It feels safe to also say that my father was gritted his entire life. I hope some day I can turn out to be like him!

My dad’s story was an example of what I thought of the word grit. The word represents a lot to me and my family. Both my parents always taught us to fight for what we want in life. They taught us to do everything with a passion. They told us stories of when they wanted to give up because it was the easiest option there was, however, they ended up fighting through because it was something they were really passionate about.

So now, you finally have some sort of understanding of the word grit. Halleluiah! I hope this short story about my dad gave you an example of the word. Mr. Trenholm was another example, however, I don’t exactly know what happened in his life to have grit. Anyways, so ill try to use this word and add it to my daily vocabulary and also have the grit that my parents and teachers always wanted me to have. Stay gritty…. (if that makes sense)


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