Arcade Fire!

Image result for arcade fireSo if you don’t already know, Arcade Fire is a Canadian indie rock band. The band is made up of eight talented individuals who started their flames in 2001, yet after 15 years, they are still known worldwide. I actually learned about them earlier today. For some reason, Mr.Trenholm wanted to show us this band which he probably thought was incredible.

With 8 amusing albums, Arcade Fire blew everyone out in their first couple of years. Winning many awards, and rising to fame like wild fire, they became known world wide. About every member is a multimusian with enchanting voices and grit. Now, some updates on them, they will be selling out their newest album in spring 2017!

When I first heard of the band name, I imagined the members of the band would be young, foolish, however, talented. But when Mr. Trenholm discussed the band and the band members with us, I learned that they were adults with amazing talents and astonishing voices. I think Mr. Trenholm wanted to show us this band because he wanted to discuss with us the different types of music~ just like he did last year and every other year. There are many more music types, bands, genres than just the ones that are overplayed by us. We might see in ourselves, that the songs that we listen to are extraordinary and spectacular, however, there are a lot  more types of music genres that are all around the world that we might also like.

Since music inductry has become a very important thing in our generation,  having only one type of music is wasting the life of music. The point of music is to listen to different types of genres by different types of artists. Choosing only one type of genre is really a small-minded idea. Sometimes it’s best to listen to other genres, other moods, and other artists. To me, music was made to elucidate your feelings and/or mood. It’s like reading books. Reading only one type of book by only one type of author would be shrinking your knowledge about fifferent types of things. If you only read romantic books then you wont know how amazing and thrilling crime books actually are.To extend your music type and be a professional at music, try to listen to different types of music genres.

I think the whole point of Mr. Trenholm discussing this rock band with us because to get to listen to above the typical types of music. Excluding the types that we usually listen to, there are many amazing and also talented artists and musicians that don’t get as much attention anymore, just like this band. Arcrade Fire is a phenomenal Canadian band that probably made all the Canadians proud. There are some songs that this generation truly enjoys, and that is fine, however, mixing up things sometimes would be a wise idea.


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