Classroom Systems…? Disappointment

Image result for school system  then vs nowIn less than a month, we will be entering a whole new level of life. We have overcome the past levels and finally, we leveled up. It’s almost 2017… FINALLY! A lot of things changed over the past year. We changed as individuals, our tastes in different types of things have changed, our teachers have changed, heck, the planet earth has changed significantly. However, somethings seem to always maintain the same habits, or systems. Take Kim Kardashian for an example, she still loves to take selfies… ya see, nothing really changed there. Another example is our school systems. Our school systems haven’t changed at all.

Sometimes, I laugh just thinking about it. This generation has the ability to create and invent anything. Yet, with all the technology and inventions we are provided with, our school systems still look the same as they did 100 years ago. This was not the first time I have brought this up. I have talked about this a while back, where I showed a video of this man suing the school system. If you want to see the video then click tImage result for a classroom without technologyhe link here>>>

School systems have been an issue all along my school years. In fact, all along every
student’s years. We still have chalkboards in some schools, some teachers still order their students to take notes with Image result for a classroom without technologypencil and paper, some still do grades, others still write tests and exams…  and to me, and I know a lot of other will disagree, that it is not acceptable. Students are not even learning anymore. With the technology we are provided with, we can do the impossible to help students become more successful in life.

There are many different ways I think we can start to use technology in schools to help students learn better. Many of the things start with the teachers themselves. Explaining to the teachers that giving students tests, quizzes, grades, tons of homework will not make them a better student but will only. We can use technology with students like how our teacher (Mr. Trenholm) does. We can use websites and technology for goods. Like for example; the website Quizlet to LEARN, not memorize vocabulary terms. Or Blogger/Wordpress to keep your writing skills active all the time. These simple things that technology and the internet provides can be used to bring the best in a student.

These simple things that technology and the internet provides can be used to bring the best in a student. I think teachers that disagree with me need to realize that they are teaching their students to the previous generations… history in other words, not the present. Teach your kids to use technology on a regular basis because technology is already a huge part of this generation… and I can’t wait for the next generation…. XD


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