New Year, Same Me!

Well, y’all its 2017…Image result for new year same me

It’s that obnoxious time of year again where everyone tries to change themselves to look better, be better and act better… aka making New Years Resolution. I am pretty sure everyone has had some sort of experience with New Year’s resolution… trying to achieve something, but has anyone actually managed to succeed their goals?

About 8% of the world’s population achieves their New Years resolutions… Which I find pathetic but also hilarious. Soo, you’re telling me that out of all the people who make new years resolutions around he world, only 8% succeed at achievig their goals? LOL That is funny!

But you know what, it’s alright to me because I am one of those 8% who succeed. Lemme explain…

Every New Years resolution, I wish, for one thing, I work hard (lies) to become it and in the end.. all the hard work pays off. Every year, my new year’s resolution is to stay the same person I am, be myself, make others laugh, eat when I am sad, and smile more.  And that is why I always achieving my New Years resolutions effortlessly. LOL


(I am sooo looking forward to 2018, because 201 already SUCKS!)


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