Nepal Failing To Protect Women? A 15-Year-Old Dies In “Menstruation Hut”

Image result for nepal failing to protect womenSo… for those who read the title and were confused lemme explain….

Nepal is a country located in South Asia, in between India and China. So this country “Nepal” has some sort of their own beliefs. In parts of Nepal, when a female gets her monthly period, she gets sent from her home to stay in sheds or caves, and forced to wash at separate taps… This practice is called “Chhaupadi”. They get isolated in tiny “huts” — small, buildings with small doors and often no windows.

Why Do They Isolate Women On Their Periods?

Often people who live in Nepal find that females who get their periods become unclean~ according to their beliefs. Some in the Far West of Nepal believe that a God or Goddess may be angered if the practice is violated, which could result in a shorter life, the death of livestock or destruction of crops

It is believed by some that if a woman touches fruits, for example, they will fall before they are ripe. If she fetches water, the well will dry up

In some areas, the restrictions extend to girls reading, writing or touching books during menstruation out of fear of angering Saraswati, the goddess of education.

Chhaupadi Outlawed In 2005

Chhaupadi was outlawed in 2005 but is still common in the country’s far west. Local shamans started telling parents that any bad luck that has befallen the village was due to girls and women breaking the Chhaupadi tradition, So parents in some villages started to get their daughters and wives back to following the practice again.

15-Year-Old Dies In Menstruation Hut

A 15 year old died while following this tradition about a month ago. When the night rolled, the 15 year old girl in the tiny hut lit a fire to keep warm. But as she slept, she died of smoke inhalation.

Many women have died in the huts due to lack of health care, animal attacks and smoke inhalation.

I really feel heartbroken for all those girls an women who are forced to follow this tradition. Ill keep you all in my prayers.


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