Simply Happy

“Too much stuff make us less happy”                                                              Podcast name: Simply Happy

Listening to this Podcast was very interesting. I learned a couple of new things that I have been asking myself lately. This Podcast answered most of my questions. I have always thought that money was what brought happiness into someone’s life… until I heard this Podcast. The Podcast was talking about this man who’s name I had forgotten. So basically this dude was blessed to earn thousands and thousands of dollars. He speImage result for the word happinessnt his money like any other person would. He bought a house, bought himself a car, bought furniture… everything really. He thought he was happy but then realized this just made him feel even more empty. And that is when I heard this quote; “Too much stuff make u less happy”

I feel like I can relate so much to this short story and the quote following it. I usually don’t realize this but, I have too many things to do that, really, only make me feel more empty inside, more unhappy and unsatisfied. I also feel like this generation could relate to this Podcast. Teenagers these days would only be 13 and 14 with phones, a lot of freedom, a lot of money… and basically getting whatever they want. And I feel like this is affecting their behavior. Teenagers (including me) tend to feel lonely or sorrowful and for some reason, it’s all the things that they have that really aren’t doing anything to help them feel happier.

Happiness isn’t about having more money or being more fortunate than others. True happiness is an inner quality. You don’t need money, as long as your mind is at peace, you are happy. You can have everything in this world. Money, fame, pleasure, possessions, power- but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy.

So this was just a little something of what I learned from this Podcast. Now that I have finally got some answers to my weird questions, I feel much happier.


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