3 Secrets Every Teen Has Kept! Exposing All Teenagers!

Image result for teenagers secretsI am a teenage girl in 8th grade, and today, I will be exposing 3 secrets all teens have kept…  Well most, if not all. Now for all the teens currently reading this blog, I hope you don’t get angry because I’m about to expose you, but that is sorta my job… so enjoy. 🙂


Teenage years can be difficult, your feelings are messed up, your face is filled with disgusting pimples, your career is on the line… its just hard. But one of the hardest things you have to go through as a teen is developing random crushes on people you know you can never have. Yes, hands down, we have all went through this. Not to lie, I’m going through it right now. We all have that one person that we have been crushing on since the beginning of time but never really told anyone about it. We all know that if we tell anyone about this crush, rumors will start spreading faster lightning and it will all cause uncontrollable drama. And sooner or later, it will get to your crush and just let me say what type of disaster this will cause. Worse than natural disasters. Just o yourself a favor and keep your secret buried in your heart. 🙂


Now, I know for sure that I am not the only person guilty of this, so please while reading please don’t judge me. I think almost every teenager in this generation has some sort of friend on their Social medias that they have no clue who they are nor how hey even ended up adding them. I know I am definitely guilty of this. I have a lot of strangers on the internet who I like o talk to because we have the same interest in things. Last week, I was talking to this girl (I won’t say any names for legal purposes) and we were chatting about how people always judge us based on where we are from. – ps she is also Arab- The funny thing is, I have no clue who the heck she is or how we ended up talking. That’s one of the great things about Social Media.


I know many will agree with me on this one…. How we teens sometimes fake our age. (if you don’t agree with me on this, your living under a rock). Tell me… How do 13 and 14 year olds get access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram basically whatever there is on the internet… they all fake their birth year to be able to access these social networks. And yes….. I AM GUILTY OF THIS. Your not alone, we’ve all done it. It’s no big deal. Adults just try to make it a big deal… but everything is okay 😂

Speaking of which, I heard there was a 12 year old girl kidnapped after sharing her location on a public facebook account with strangers…. but that’s okay… 😂 (Yoo I’m being sarcastic)

As you can tell, these are some damn secrets that we teenagers have kept. Its no wonder we will never admit to any of these, however, we all know we have done them… if you haven’t then you’re not a teenager and right now I’m betting you wish you were! 😂



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