The Vampire Diaries: Rate+Review

Image result for the vampire diariesPreviously, on my life… It has been a limited tedious journey which most people like to call “The weekend”.  It’s that time of the week where teens my age go partying, hanging out with friends and just enjoying their lives. And then… there’s me just, laying comfortably on my bed with my Laptop trying to find a thrilling movie or show to watch.

This weekend was different. I found out this cool new thriller series called “The Vampire Diaries”. And I have to say, deciding to watch this new series was the best decision I have made in my entire life. There are 8 seasons, which is acceptable for me, the more the seasons, the more the drama. I watched a full season on the first day, so yes, I sort of need to chill. But the show is so damn catchy… It’s like all my favorite shows are mixed into one, and they’re calling it the vampire diaries.

So I have been introduced to the main characters and the problem. The three main characters are Elena, Stefan, and Damon. Stefan is a vampire, and so is his older cocky brother Demon. Stefan and Damon are like fire and ice, very different.

Stefan never wants to hurt anyone, he is caring, peaceful, protective, a gentleman, and…. A GEMINI! On the other hand, there’s Damon. A total vampire jerk with skills. He sucks the blood out of his victims to death. The small city they live in predicts it’s always animal attacks that attack the poor victims, but really it’s Damon. He is a careless idiot that has no empathy unless the subject is about Katherin, of course. Demon used to be in love with Katherine, his old girlfriend that looks exactly like Elena.

Stefan and Elena have turned from strangers to bf and gf after the school year stared again in high school. Stefan wants to protect his new girlfriend, Elena from his brother Damon because if he gets to her, he might make her his next victim. Everything is just too intense, people are dying, vampires are flying, It is honestly such a thrilling show to watch.

I would rate this thriller series an 8/10. 1, because the show is catchy. It really attracts the viewer’s (or whatever you call them) attention. The title of the show sounds thrilling and interest worthy. (if that’s a thing). When I first watched the pilot (the first episode), it explained the show very well, and from the first 10 minutes, I learned most of the character’s names. The episodes can sometimes be haunting and scary, but it’s fine since I’m so used to reading/watching crime books/shows/movies.

I like the show and would recommend it for anyone who has interest in vampires, haunted ish, teenagers, love/romance, thrilling episodes. However, I would not recommend it for those younger than 13. The show can sometimes become a little too thrilling for some. And just because I care for y’all, I do not want you watching it unless you’re older than 13.

The Vampire Diaries

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