My Name And The Story Behind It🤦

Image result for what does my name meanTalking about the history of my name is probably not the most exciting topic to talk about, but I found it funny to talk about. Many people like to make up random nicknames for me like “Shithead”, “She-had”, “Shosho”, “Shahada” and many following the same pah of emarassment, so I think this blog will help them know who they talking to. Enjoy… 😸

I’m Middle Eastern, therefore, some of you out there reading this might not know how to pronounce it. Middle Eastern people call me Shaa-head. In English, they call me Shau-hud. Sometimes, I find it very annoying when others try to say my name and fail, but at the same time, I feel special, because I know not everyone has the same name, so it’s alright.

So… the history of my name. Well, once upon a time, this unnatural baby came to life. With stunning brown eyes and hair, his parents decided to call him “Fahad”. This was my older brother. Fahad was unnatural, he was strange, everything about him seemed weird to his parents. He didn’t look like all the other kids. Then one day, his parents found out he had secret super powers. He had all sorts of super powers it was literally unreal! Teleportation, shapeshifting, mind control, flight, super speed, super intelligence, invisibility, super strength… damn you name it! He was unreal and he was only a 1-year-old baby.

A year later, on the same month, a beautiful gorgeous baby came to life. She slayed everyone’s entire existence even though she just came to life. She was jawdropping. Her parents froze, just staring at her innocent little face. Her parents loved her so much that they called her “Shahad”. They wanted her to become like her older brother, with amazing super powers that can rule the world! Therefore, they named her Image result for shahad namea name that rhymed with her brothers’.

The name Shahad is a really old Arab name, however, still very modern. It means sweet honey. Naming someone this name defines that the person is independent, sweet as honey, powerful and confident. So there y’all go… this is my name, and that is the history of my name.

(Actually, this was all a lie, I have no idea what or why my parents named me Shahad, I think it was because it rhymed with “Fahad”… All, I know is that the name means power or sweet honey) 😂




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