Eyes Are Windows To The Soul

beauty-1692849_1920Everyone can fake a smile, but can anyone really fake the true feeling of their souls lying behind the window of their eyes?

They say “Eyes are windows to the soul”… but what do they actually mean?

Usually, when talking our souls as humans, we think of the obvious answers such as our heart, or brain. Places, where we know for sure, lies our soul. But did you know that our souls also lie behind our eyes? It is a fact. Behind most, if not all, peoples’ eyes lies their soul. When looking at a person’s eyes, you can tell if they feel excited, in love, depressed… anything really.

The eyes can show many things like happiness, fear, sorrow… they reflect what you are feeling inside. I think this is where that old saying comes from. Sometimes when you ask someone how they are 98.7% of the time, they reply with an “I’m fine. Thanks” or an “I’m okay”. However, we all know this is a lie. No one is really fine, and if they are, then you wouldn’t bother to ask.

When looking into someone’s eyes, you can tell how they feel. This is why when you ask people how they are, try to maintain a long eye contact. If they look away quickly, then they are lying. If they stare at you, but their eyes seem smaller than usual, they are lying. If their eyes look normal, or a bit larger than the size they are, then these people are often either sad or maybe worried. We know that people can fake smiles, but when it comes to looking deep inside one’s soul, no one can lie. Not even the best liars can hide their emotions behind this window. You can say anything, but your eyes always tell the truth.

I think what the old saying meant that behind your eyes, lies your soul. And through the windows of your eyes, people can see everything you are trying to hide. I’m not sure if this is right. Many of my blog posts are about my own opinion about things… anyways PeAcE ✌️


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