Every Good Is Always Followed By Bad- Turn Ons And Turn Offs

These days, spotting attractive things about individuals has officially become impossible. With every good, always comes some sort of bad… it’s my own way of viewing life. With every good characteristic follows a bad. It’s just how we humans live.

Now, let’s be real for a second, there are many types of characteristics that I personally find attractive about people. Things as simple as greeting someone, or checking up on them. It is beyond sweet and shows them that you care. Loving animals and nature, being kind to everyone. Or when people are truth tellers. NImage result for turn ons and turn offso matter how much the truth sucks, they suck it all up then spill it out on you. They never hide anything from you, which clearly shows how much respect you have earned from them. They are these very simple things that attract others to you. Not by your clothes, looks, or you hair. They are the actions you take.

However, like I have said earlier, with every good, comes some sort of bad. Now, one of the worse characteristics that I find about people is when they are showing selfishness or cockiness. It is unbelievable how much it pisses me off. It is one of the biggest turn offs anyone can have. Now, that characteristic was pretty big and clear, however there are small characteristics that turn me off even more. You all know it… You all do it. Its gossiping. Whenever I am around people who like to gossip, I feel like I am on one of those “Gossip Girl” episodes. People need to quit talking behind one another. I know I am guilty of this but I am trying my hardest to stop. It is one of the biggest turnoffs anyone can imagine. There are also many different ways you can turn any person off. Stealing, lying, disrespecting, being immature, and many that follow the same path.

Some people can be very selfish, but truth tellers. Some can be selfless in front of others but usually gossip about others. Some are passive-aggressive.  We all have atleast one good and one bad characteristic. So yes, this is what I meant by that quote I randomly made up.

For me, it doesnt really matter like it used to before because honestly, we are all humans, we all talk behind one another, we all lie at some point of our lives, we ain’t Jesus, so quit trying to make yourself feel nonguilty. And like I have said before, every good is always followed by bad….

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