Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes

Image result for reading tumblrIf a book is well written, I often find it too short. I like reading a lot. For someone who couldn’t read 3 years ago, I find myself blessed to be able to read what I am able to read today. Actually, the only reason I was able to get to where I am today is because of my daily reading habits.

About 3-4 years ago, I hated hearing some say “Books” or “It’s time to read”. Maybe I did actually hate reading, or maybe I just never found the right books to read. After a while, I found out that reading is such an important tool in life. You need to know how to read to do anything. After finding the magical spell books have on you, I became addicted. It was unbelievable how much I started to read. About 70 pages a day, and I am not exaggerating. However, I would only read certain types of book that I found interesting.

Image result for reading entering a new worldTo me, reading is entering a mysterious door into a whole new world. It’s like having two worlds. The realistic boring one, and the magical, anything-can-happen type of world. The only time I enjoy reading is when the books seem to be interesting. An interesting introduction can make a reader fall in love with a book.

Whenever I start reading, the first thing I notice about a book is how well the author describes the scenes or characters. It’s a great way to start reading a book. You’ll be able to visualize how the characters look like and how the setting is set up. Authors who can make you think are my favorite. Their questionable mysterious crimes never end, and they always find a way to keep the book going.

Apparently, I have discovered that I loved crime and thriller types of books the most. Some people ask me why. But it’s really simple to answer the question. Thriller and crime books all have one thing in common… They are all full of mysteries. Mysteries that make you think like crazy. This is why I enjoy them the most. I find these types of book to be page-turners. I don’t even notice myself turning the pages of a book because I am usually so into the actual story, I forget myself.

Even with so may things to do in this generation like hanging out with your friends, going to the mall, or being on social media, I somehow find time to enter a new world, a new door, a new book….


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