Why I Wouldn’t Want A Million Dollars-

What would you do if you had a million dollars?

Image result for million dollarsSome people may call me crazy, but I honestly don’t want a million dollars. I found it boring that everyone in my classroom is writing the exact same blog post, so I decided to change the rules up a little and making it why I wouldn’t  want a million dollars…

There are many reasons why I would want a million dollars, but none of these reasons actually matter. I’ll just end up spending all the money on myself because I know what type of selfish person I become once I realize I have money in my pocket.

So instead of wasting this magical money that I somehow have, I choose not to have it in the first place. There are some good reasons to why I don’t want nor need money…

Image result for villaI think I don’t need this large amount of money because I know myself. Some individuals said that they will help their families with their money, which, I know for sure is a total lie. We all want money for ourselves, who doesn’t. I know that if I ever get money, I’ll travel to somewhere far far away and live somewhere- where no one I know of, can find me. I love being lonely, and this money would just a gateway for me to run away. Honestly, I find it funny how I try to be as honest as possible in my blog posts. I dont want this amount of money because I know I will turn to a selfish, cocky money-lover type of person, and I dont want to be this way. I want to stay humble.. LOL 🙂

I would spend all 1 million dollars on myself without even thinking twice. I would probably lie if I say I’m donating any of my money to anyone. I will travel somewhere far, I will make new friends, buy a remarkable villa with a view of the beauty nature brings, honestly, just picturing it makes me feel calm. So, I guess I’m a selfish person. However, while I was writing this, I realized I also wanted something to happen that does not exactly involve me….

Image result for iraq before the war
This is how Iraq looked like before war…

If I had enough money, the first thing I would do is try to save my home country, Iraq. If I ever have enough money to, I would try to rebuild this shattered country and make it one of the most spectacular countries in the world. I love my homeland. If Iraq ever turns back to the way it used to be… Peaceful, the first thing I would do is book a 9-hour flight and fly there. I have no clue why this came to mind. However, I think I would want this more than what I have said earlier… But lol i dont think a million would be able to rebuild a country so… Dream gone to trash.

Honestly, there are so many things you are able to do with a million dollars, and the things I just listed are just the main… :p However, both are unrealistic, That is why I dont really want a million dollars. And if I do want money, then it wouldn’t be as large as a million…



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