My Funny Story About Having A “Big” Nose

big nose (1).pngEvery year, about 500,000 people seek consultation to get more information on having their nose done. Some  unhappy with the nose shape they were born with, or just how their noses have evolved over time. Many people have a additional goal to improve their breathing. And for others, an injury may have distorted the nose. While researching, I found out that 14 is the earliest age where some start to seek consultation for a nose job but they were wrong…

For someone who has a “weird-shaped” nose, I find this funny because I never had thought my nose was, what-some-people-call, “big”. I read an article 6 months ago about this woman who had her nose done. Her result was unbelievable. It looked like I have seen two completely different people. After I read the article and watched the video along with it, I started to question if my nose was “big”. Everyday, I kept looking in the mirror for hours and I used to think to myself, “Why is my nose shaped like this? Why does my nose look big? Why does my side view look ugly”. I even started asking others around me if they found my nose to be “different” or “weird”. Some didn’t lie and told me the truth, the truth that made me flip upside-down…

“Honestly Shahad, I don’t want to lie to you, but, you’re nose is a little too big…”

I wasn’t mad at the person who had said this, I just realized… Wow, how did I not rImage result for girl hiding her face'ealize this before??? Ever since, whenever I am around people, I tried to turn my face to them as much as possible so they wouldn’t have to realize how “unshaped” my nose turned out to be. I would cover my nose with one of my hands when I turned around in front of someone. I used to think people would be disgusted of me if they found out I had a big nose, which honestly, isn’t even that big.

After a while, I found myself going on sites and researching other people’s before and after result of a rhinoplastic surgery. I found some incredible results of the actual surgery, and then I found some “gone-wrong” results. At such a young Image result for before and after nose jobsage, I wanted to change myself.

After some time, I sat across the mirror and realized “WHAT THE HECK AM I THINKING? I’m only 13, why am I even thinking about these stuff. I honestly look just fine.” …. And after a while, I learned to love myself again. Though, I had so much insecurities about my face, example; my nose, I learned to love me for me. To this day, I regret even thinking about it. I never knew that sometimes telling the truth could be so harmful to someone. I realized at that time that the person who told me about my “big nose” did that on purpose. Now that, is a whole new story. But for now, I’m just going to say one thing…

If that person had lied to me, I would have not had all these messed up feelings and thoughts about having a nose job…. but then I would also not have had written this blog post. So I guess me and that truth-teller person are even. LOL. I wanted to share my story because I know how much girls out there, the same age as me, or maybe even younger who are already insecure about how they look. Honestly, you have your entire life to be thinking about how ugly you look, but right now, embrace your natural beauty. Stay Positive 😉





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