Integrity Is Doing The Right Thing Even When No One Is Watching

” Okay, okay, just tell me when Mrs. Mancini is coming, so I can pretend like I’m helping this kid whose getting bullied. Man… I’ll probably get pizza from her or something.”

Related imageYou know, I feel like this generation lacks many things, however, I feel like the strongest thing it lacks is being humble. I have recently noticed this… the lack of giving without taking or doing when no one is watching. Everyone expects something in return, even when doing the things they are supposed to be doing. Like helping out a friend in math class when a teacher is watching. Do you seriously think your teacher will increase your mark in math? They wont. Remember, its the things you do when no one is watching…

I think this was the reason to why I don’t believe in “rewards” or “superstars” at ICS. The little things like doing your homework every night, or teaching a young kid how to tie his shoes should not be things given rewards to. These simple things should be our daily tasks without having to “earn” something. It is not the things you do or say when people are watching, it’s the things you do when people are not around that makes you stand out. I believe it is that simple…

Later on in liImage result for rewardsfe, when you grow up and get out into the actual world… There won’t be anyone throwing at you rewards and prizes. There wont be people watching you do good deeds and telling you how an amazing person you are. When your an adult, you won’t get anything in return because this is the real world. Doing what you are supposed to be doing is not rewarded.

Doing things in front of others just to earn a reward, or prove something is just ridiculous. Just remember that god has eyes on you 24/7. The things you do right when no one is watching are better than the things you do when people are watching.  God will reward you at the right time and the right place, just remember that…


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