The Most Interesting People That Have Entered My life

Monday Topic: Write two descriptive paragraphs about one of the most interesting people you have ever met in real life. Use strong adjectives to describe the character and explain what makes the person interesting.
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Ps the guy in the blue is not Meshak.

It was about 2 years ago, that I have met one of the most incredibly interesting people to ever live on the face of Earth (In my opinion). His name was Meshak. Meshak was a tall 6’2, 26-year-old guy working as one of the staffs (sorta like a teacher) at our After-School-Program (Ruled by the YMCA). Meshak was Africain-Americain with honey-brown eyes and a jaw as sharp as a knife. He was one of the most polite and well-mannered people I have ever met. Not to mention, he also was a total joker. Out of all the teachers in our after-school program, Meshak had always been ‘the life of the party’.

He always taught us divergent interpretations. He was a one adroit and equanimous person. I used to find him hilarious because he was always asking us not to talk, yet he was loquacious. I feel like Meshak had inspired me in so many ways. Whenever I got stuck on something that puzzled me, Meshak was the adult I turn to. He always advises me and the other kids at our program about multiple things he has gone through as a child. Telling us fascinating stories about his teenage years and how he turned to be one of the few people to graduate. Meshak is a person full of adventures and stories, I think of him as one of the most interesting people to have in one’s life. Meshak is basically a second parent to me. Whenever my parents are going out, they would drop me and my siblings at homework club because they know Meshak is a responsible staff member.
This is me pretending Crystal is Sushi… YUM!

Now… another person who I had connected to so quickly to was a friend of mine, Crystal. First of all, If you know Crystal and I well, then no wonder do you know that we both are Geminis. So connecting to each other was no surprise. I think Crystal was one of the first people that I had felt a strong connection to. She and I have so many differences, yet somehow, still very alike. The more time I get to spend with her, the more things she reveals about herself. What really makes me interested in Crystal are her random stories. Everyday, Crystal tries to come up with something to talk about, and It’s usually something funny. Talking about our adventures and stories has become a whole new level of interesting 😉😂. Learning about Crystal and her culture is entertaining, especially her K-pop music taste and her weird Sushi food (which btw is really good). Overall, I somehow find this passive-aggressive, childish girl to be extremely interesting.

So these were two of the most interesting people I know of. It’s hard to think of others because I have just started living my life, and finding interesting people becomes very rare at this day and age.😂

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