How We Almost Froze To Death- Eventful day

Fri, February 3, 2017

Today we had our end of January assembly. But before we could even celebrate the end of January and the start of February, we had an unexpected terrifying event.

We had an unexpected fire alarm.

It seems like a kid in our school “accidentally” pulled down the fire alarm while everyone was either in the hallways or the gym. It was such a terrifying event. When we first heard the bell ringing, we thought it was the start of recess. However, I noticed that the teachers have started warning us. They seemed worried. I then finally understood what they meant. That loud sound was not the bell ringing, it was the fire alarm…

People ran out the gym. It was complete chaos. The loud screams of the kids blew out my ear. I was going for the door on the right of the gym, but I stopped. Crystal was just standing there, staring at the kids cluelessly. I quickly ran to her, pulled her arm and shouted: “There’s a fire!”.

After emerging from our one-floor school building we almost froze to death. The second we got out of the building, I felt a chilling breeze race through me. I realized I had no jacket on. We gathered around the left fences surrounding our school grounds. There was chaos everywhere. The teachers seemed stressed, the students were freezing, the kids were crying… everything was just a complete mess.


Image result for jack and rose frozen
This was basically us. Just freezing outside.

Olivia, Angelina, Crystal and Lorin gathered around one another and started cuddling, hoping to feel a bit warmer. The weather was -7. Most of the students at ICS were wearing shorts and T-shirts because most have just come back from their basketball tournaments.


After a while of freezing in the hazardous weather, we heard the loud Wee-Weee whatever sound of the fire truck. Students started running back to the school just to take their jackets. The scene reminded me somewhat of the purge movie. It felt so scary having to go through this. I held on to Olivia so tight I might have as well killed the girl.

The fire department entered our school then got out. They explained to the teachers that this was just an “accident”. Someone must have pulled the fire alarm on accident. The school was safe. The moment everyone realized the school was safe, they all rushed back. Stomping their feet to get off the snow, everyone entered the school safely.

One of the most important things I learned today was to never go out without carrying a jacket or warm sweater with you. Though this event was dreadful, it was also an extremely fun adventure and experience…. And something new to blog about. God is so good! He is helping me a lot with my blog topics.



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