Why Rates & Reviews Are Important

While shopping online, I have realized that the only way to know if the product actually works or not is by reading the feedback from other us3ers who have purchased the product.

Rates and reviews allow us to get an idea of how well a certain product works on different users. One of the first thing that I look at when trying to buy a product are the feedbacks from others. Sometimes getting feedback from others will help you understand what type of product it is.

Image result for rates 5 starsRates

Rates help give feedback to others of how much the users who have purchased a product would rate the product. These feedbacks are often shaped as stars. There are 5 stars in total. Users are able to rate 1/5 stars after buying the product. This helps you and others decide whether it might be a good or bad idea to buy the product.

Image result for rates and reviewsReviews

Reviews help give other users paragraph form feedbacks on what different users think of the product. Some may complain, some may agree that the product works well, some may talk about how fast the product has arrived. It honestly depends on the product. I find this type of feedback to be more accurate than rates. I think this because some products come with a gift asking its now-to-be-owners to rate the product a 5-stars for a coupon. Therefore, many of the rates may not be accurate.

Overall, both feedbacks are very helpful for many types of occasions. These feedbacks help us realize if the products we are about to buy are worth it.


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