BIG BANG- Fun Facts

Image result for big bang member profilesNow, when hearing the term “Kpop”, many consider it to be “strange”. However, the same people have not even listened to Kpop, therefore, it would be “strange” of them to judge. So recently, one of my good friends who is completely obsessed with Kpop showed me this famous Kpop boy band. I had been obsessed with many of their songs ever since my friend has showed me them.

I present to you…


One of the most popular boy bands all around the world. Big Bang is a south Korean boy band made up of 5 handsome Korean guys; G-Dragon, TaeYang, Daesung, T.O.P and Seungri. I honestly became extremly obsessed with this boy band so fast. They got vocals, they got moves, and they got looks. The group officially debuted on August 19, 2006. One Direction…?  One Direction got nothing on Big Bang.

G-Dragon  (aka GD)

• Birth Name – Kwon Ji-yong
• Nickname (Stage Name ) – G-Dragon or GD
• Date of birt – August 18, 1988
• Height – 177cm
• From – South Korea
• Nationality – Korean

Quick Facts
  • G-Dragon is the leader and song writer and rapper of the group.
  • He is the writer of the hit song of the group Lies
  • His participation in the release of Flexalbum at age 13 made him the youngest rapper in South Korea in 2001
  • He dropped out of High School to concentrate on Big Bang, however in 2008 he passed his entrance exams.
  • At age 5 he was a member of the young group RooRa
  • He gained interest in rap after listening to Wu Tang clan songs
Tae Yang (Dong Yong Bae)

• Birth Name – Dong Yong Bae
• Nickname (Stage Name ) – Tae Yang
• Date of birth – May 18, 1988
• Height – 174cm
• From – South Korea
• Nationality – Korean

Quick Facts
  • He was trained by YG for six years before joining Big Bang
  • He was first recruited to appear in a music video of Jinusean titled A-yo at age 12
    Became interested in music after he heard a song from Brain Mcknight.
  • He decided to become a rapper when he met JinuSean.
  • His favorite artist is Boys II Men
  • He wrote the lyrics for Goodbye Baby
Daesung (Kang Dae-seong)

• Birth Name – kang Dae-seong
• Nickname (Stage Name ) – Daesung, D-lite
• D.O.B – April 26, 1989
• Height – 178cm
• From – South Korea
• Nationality – Korean

Quick Facts
  • He dropped out of High School to concentrate on Big Bang, however in 2008 he passed his entrance exams.
  • His parents was against his involvement in music but he defied that.
  • He chose to become a singer when he listened to songs from Steve Wonder
  • He wanted to become either a pastor, MC or baseball player
  • He releases stress by laughing a lot
  • He was very brilliant in school
T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun)

• Birth Name – Choi Seung-hyun
• Nickname (Stage Name ) – T.O.P., Tempo
• D.O.B – November 4, 1987
• Height – 180cm
• From – South Korea
• Nationality – Korean

Quick Facts
  • T.O.P and G-Dragon has been friends since childhood days.
  • He was once rejected by YG Entertainment because he was chubby.
  • His nickname T.O.P was given to him by a YG artist Se7en
  • His prefers to eat ice cream, donuts and rice.
  • He was the first member to feature as a solo artist
  • His favorite artist includes Method Man and Kanye West.
  • In 2007 he was listed as part of the Top 100 Must Have males by Mnet.
Seungri (Lee Seung-hyun)

• Birth Name – Lee Seung-hyun
• Nickname (Stage Name ) – Seungri, VI
• D.O.B – December 12, 1990
• Height – 176cm
• From – South Korea
• Nationality – Korean

Quick Facts

He was a good dancer when he was a kid
He is a graduate from the Chung-Ang University
He was a contestant on Shinhwa
He doesn’t like to be called short
He prefers to perform a duet with Big Mama
His dream is to establish a Pizza café
He never had a training on voice till he joined YG

I think my favorite member is G-Dragon. I find him to be one of the best singers in the group. Overall, they seem to be really amazing, I am totally obsessed with them. I have only listed one of their songs because I have many songs that I like that would take years for you to listen. Lol however, Listen to this one.. the title is bad, but the song has no swearing words at all. Its called “Fxxk It”. It looks weird but its really cute and addictive.

(Some of the content was used from different sites.)


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