3 Reasons To Why We ALL Lie; How To Fix Them

Since we are talking about “the truth”, I think I should also tell the truth before we go further into this blog. Truth be told, every single human that has lived on the face of the earth has lied at least once, therefore, I somewhat find it obnoxious to talk about how people always lie, when really, I know we all do. We know we all do. It’s just a common characteristic that all humans share. Whether it is a white lie, or a big bad lie, lying is lying. And I am here to help you find out why we lie all the time, and how to fix it. Remember, February is the month of wisdom. Learn from your lies and mistakes…

Avoiding Trouble

Image result for the truth causes problemsOne of the most common reason why we lie, is to save ourselves from the pointless drama. Sometimes, we do not realize this, however, we come up with a lie just to avoid the consequences the truth has to offer. I often catch myself lying to my parents about not doing my homework because I like going on social media and stalking my friends. To avoid getting yelled at by my strict Arab mom, I lie. Yes, I do realize this is a bad habit. There are ways to
fix it. Sometimes you need to think about why you are lying in the first place. In the example above, I lied about doing my homework so I can surf through my social media accounts. When I thought about it, It seemed stupid that I have lied. My mom wants me to finish my homework to become more successful. I should have done what I was asked of instead of lying and going on social media.

Lying To Please

In order to sometimes please someone or get their attentions, we oImage result for impressing your crushften lie. I find these lies to be funny. These lies aren’t as big of lies. We usually lie about our favorite color, for example. Or our music tastes just to please someone whom we are attracted to, like a friend or a crush. These lies don’t usually cause big of problems and can be fixed very easily. If you have met someone and lied about your hobbies just so you can match theirs, you can later tell the person that you lied to them and just laugh things off. It is human nature to try to impress and please others by lying. None of this is wrong, it is just how we fix it that later on matters.

Saving Your Own Face

MensXP/ShutterstockYou have to accept that there are certain truths about everyone that are best kept hidden. It is much easier to simply lie than to share embarrassing truths about ourselves. We lie to keep our personal truths hidden. These lies never really caused problems unless you keep lying to people about something that also involves them. Here, ask yourself this; Have I ever lied about being attracted to a certain music taste, art, show/movie, or a person just to save myself from all the embarrassment. Well, truth be told, I have. Sometimes, I like to listen to way-above-the-typical-weird-songs. I usually don’t want others finding out about them because I am afraid of what they might think… I sorta have a bad taste in music so…😬  Anyways, these lies can’t actually be fixed. It is a human right to have some privacy, and sometimes lying about your interests is okay.

Bottom line, I guess lying isn’t always bad. There are appropriate times when you are allowed to lie, however, generally speaking, try to not lie for as long as you can. Being a liar is generally not a good characteristic. All you need to do is lie to someone once, and they will start to question all your truths. Don’t break someone’s trust for you for a dumb lie. Lying is a bad habit, however, everything can be fixed if we try our best. Remember, we are all humans. We all make mistakes, and its okay, as long as you are willing to fix them….






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