Strongest People I’ve Met

Sometimes being strong isn’t all about having supernatural powers. I have met many strong and powerful people, but none of them were physically strong. Being strong has different meanings. In this blog, I’ll share why I think my parents are the strongest people I’ve ever met and how they became strong.

My parents would always share their stories and experiences with me and my siblings. Every story was completely different. But all of them shared one thing in common. None of them seemed easy…

I think the quote “I’ve never met a strong person with an easy past” really rings a bell in mربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏3‏ أشخاص‏e. The quote reminded me a lot of my parents. My parents have always been the ones I admired most. Maybe because of the affectionate love they have shown me since birth, and maybe it is because of all the hella crazy stories they’ve told about their pasts.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for my parents for what they have been through. Young or old, they have been through so much. But you know… That is exactly how they became these two powerful loving parents. You would realize a person is truly strong when they have used their pasts to build a stronger future.

My dad lost both his parents at a really young age. His older siblings took care of him, but then one by one, they also passed away. Out of 11 people in is family, around the age of 20, he had lost about half of them. My dad was an engineer around the age of 27. He had many dreams to build incredible inventions. None of his siblings supported him. He lived a really rough life where he knew he was not able to trust no one. A couple of years later, he got in a car crash and had almost died. On the same year, when he was finishing up his lastest invention (my dad is a mechanical engineer) his forehead was slit in half. My dad didnt know the details, but he was working, then something heavy dropped from a shelf on top on him and sliced the top of his forehead. It wasnt as deep, but it was deep enough to spill blood everywhere. Thank goodness, my aunt, Nadia, came on time and took him to the hospital. He couldnt work for half a year.

When people look at my dad, they see an ordinary man. When I look at him, I see a hero who has fought his entire life.

My mom is an entirely different story. My mom’s childhood had been very smooth and happy, living with her two tender parents and caring siblings. When my dad wanted to marry my mom, my dads side of the family didnt approve of my mom as my dads wife. For some reason, they never liked her. (I cant talk more about these things because they are personal) Basically, my mom worked very hard to impress and gain respect from my dads side of the family. And it was anything but simple…

May 2008 was when my mom was suppose to have Haidy, my little sister. My dad and grandma took my mom to one of the best hospitals in Jaramana, Syria. My dad and grandma stayed with my mom the entire time she was in the hospital. After giving birth to my sister, Haidy, my mom lost about 7 bottles of blood. The doctors and nurses left my mom to rest for a little. My dad and grandma were still in the room with her. My dad held my moms hand when he noticed she was saying something. My mom told my dad that she was dying. (This is the exact way my parents told me the story) He started yelling and shouting to call the doctors. My mom shut her eyes. My grandma woke up and my dad filled her on what was happening. While my dad went to get the doctors, my grandma held a picture of Mary and put it next to my moms heart. When the doctors finally arrived. They checked my mom. They told them that she was alright and there was nothing to be worried about. When my mom woke up, she said she saw Mary. She said that Mary was the one who had saved her.

It was literally a miracle that my mom survived. It was a long story so I’ll skip the rest. but the point is, My mom was on the brick of death if it wasnt for my grandma who had put that image of Mary. I think this is also why my mom is a big believer of Christianity.

These past experiences are what helped my parents become stronger. This is why I think my parents are the strongest people I know. After all, what we experience in the past is what helps us become strong in the future., And I think that was what that quote meant.


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