Rough Year…~Sub Teachers, Lost Privileges, And More…

At the start of the year, all i could think about was to make this year so exciting, non of my classmates would forget it. I wanted this year to just be filled with all fun and games. No homework. No lessons. Just having the time of our lives…

My wish came true… And maybe a little too true. Only problem is, non of us are ready for High School.

After the first week ofImage result for sub teachers school, right after New Years, we were told that our only teacher was sick. They replaced him with a substitute. At the start, we seemed all fine with it. But then, weeks and weeks passed, and yet no sign of our actual grade 7/8 teacher. In between those weeks, it was unbelievable how many sub teachers we were introduced to. It was like every week, we got a new teacher. At the early start of February, our old teacher (not a sub, th actual one) finally came back. We learned that our regular teacher had some eye problems or something.

A week after that, we were told that our regular teacher had hearing problems and was not able to come back just yet. We realized we would be able to live a couple more weeks without him… as long as we had classroom, which sir would update with newassignments weekly.

So… once again, we had a substitute teacher… We starting getting used to the fact that our teacher was away for almost half of the year… until one day…

One day, while we had our sub teacher, Mr. Bellaire. Our principal came in and informed us that it was time that we lost our chrome book privileges. Due to the behavior our classroom has presented; Playing games  on the chrome books during class, watching inappropriate things and searching up inappropriate things. Our principal decided to take the chrome Image result for students not learningbooks away for the rest of the year.

Ever since we lost the chrome book privilege in our class, we lost contact with our teacher through classroom. We were no longer able to finish assignments, no longer able to know what assignments we had, no longer able to do anything. After this incident, we started using old fashion textbooks, papers and pencils to finish work. We were okay at first. But after a while, our work became much less than usual. And I am starting to think that our class has fallen behind compared to other grade 7/8 classes around the province.

Now, with only a few months away from graduating, I do not feel ready to graduate. I don’t feel like I have studied everything a grade 8 should study. I feel behind on most subjects.

Anyways, with our teacher coming back to school after this March Break, there is still some hope that we are going to change and catch up on everything we have missed before enter High School.


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