What Is Synthesizing? Difference Between Summerizing And Synthesizing

Today we read an article about Indiana Jones during class. For someone who does not know anything about Indiana Jones, It was extremely difficult for me to understand what the text was about. After we finished reading the article, sir asked us about the main idea… I never felt so clueless in my life. Then he mentioned something about synthesizing. I know very little about synthesizing, therefore do not judge me if I’m wrong.

What Is Synthesizing And Is It Related To Summarizing?

Image result for boy not understanding book clipartWhen I think of synthesizing, the first thing that comes to my mind is summarizing.  Though both synthesizing and summarizing are very similar, they are different. Both, summarizing and synthesizing are strategies used in reading and researching. These are important skills we use daily to help us make sense of what we are reading or researching. But it is also important to know that summarizing and synthesizing are two different skills, this is because each has a different process, purpose and a different result. Today I’ll just focus on Synthesizing. Synthesizing is a strategy that we will be using for the rest of our lives. This is why it is mandatory to talk about it.


Image result for input and output machine clipart
Input & Output Machine.

Synthesizing is pointing both, the main idea, some details, and your own knowledge about the topic. I think of it as sort of an input and output machine. You include a part of a text and your own background knowledge to end up with a new understanding. You put information together to highlight and draw a conclusion. It’s like an unsolved puzzle. You keep putting parts together to get the full picture (its how I see it).



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