My Writing Journey~ From Gr. 7 to 8

One of my biggest accomplishments at the end of this year was my writing style. My first year in Mr. Trenholm’s class, I was clueless about many things. One of them, being blogging. I was, by far the worse blogger in my class in 7th grade. I would cImage result for writing blogshoose the stupidest and weirdest blog topics, I would get off track easily, and did not follow any of the proper writing styles (includes paragraph, sentence structure, periods, commas, etc.).

One of my first blogs was about technology and why some parents do not like technology. At that time, I had not just gotten out of ESL, but also out of 6th grade, also known as the junior grades. In the junior grades, we never had anything similar to blogging. This is why it was difficult for me to blog at the first few months of the school year. In my first blog, about technology, I realized that; My facts were wrong, my title was not exactly describing the blog topic, and overall it was just horrible. But at that time, I saw that blog as treasure in depth of the ocean. You interested in reading my old blog? >>Click HERE<<

After a few months of getting an idea and a better vision of what blogging is all about, My writing skills jumped a level, it was a low level, but back at that time, it meant a lot to me. I wrote this blog in December 2015. The blog topic was about one fashion trend that I really dislike.  >> Click HERE <<  So in that blog, you can see that I improved from my last blog. My sentences started making more sense. I used facts, and combined it into my blog to explain why I dislike this certain fashion trend. I think one of my biggest mistakes at that time is not going back and rereading what I already wrote before publishing.

April 2016, my writing skills slowly started developing. Though my paragraph structure hasn’t, but at least I started making sense. This blog topic was about my dream career. I think one of the most things that stuck out while reading this old blog was the humor I used. When I used to write these blogs, last year, I used to make sure there were parts of my blogs that made the readers laugh, and I think this is what made a few of my blogs memorable. >>Click HERE<<

The last example of seventh grade I am using is still one of my favorite blogs, I wrote this blog in June 2016. “Dear Shahad~ From Dragon, your awesome red fish.” >>Click HERE<< How I got this creative blog topic was from Mr. Trenholm. He asked us to write a blog involving pets or any type of animal. And out of nowhere, I remembered my fish pet. My writing skills improved while writing this blog more than it ever had. I think what I mostly liked about this blog was the sense of humor I used. I think this blog was pretty funny especially that the blog was actually written as the fish’s perspective. I think the only thing I lacked in this blog was the paragraph structure. But overall, Improved a lot.

At the start of my grade 8 year, we were assigned a blog topic about respect.The following blog >>Click HERE<< was how I see respect as. I think at that time, I started to improve a bit on my paragraph structure. Though, I still lacked a lot in that area, I started slowly improving. I think the one thing I really liked about this certain blog was the creative title I thought of and the video that I put, connecting it all back to the blog topic.

Image result for improve writing quotesThe blog topic I just mentioned was one of the first blog topics I wrote about at the START of grade 8. Now lets see how much I have improved near the END of 8th grade. >>Click HERE<< In this blog, I finally improved my paragraph structure skills. I used connections and real life pictures of my parents which I think, made my blog a whole new level of interesting. I didn’t exactly use humor in this blog because to me it was a serious topic. I think by now, I did no need sir to give me ideas to write about. I used to just find something that I can relate to and talk about it. I showed this blog to my mom and translated it to her, she was beyond happy. I think now, I can finally agree with sir, that writing daily WILL help you improve your writing skills.

No I do not think I am a strong writer, however, I think that my improvements throughout the years really helped me become a better writer.



2 thoughts on “My Writing Journey~ From Gr. 7 to 8

  1. Shahad, I am happy to see that you recognize your own achievement with your writing! You have certainly worked hard and it shows. I have a feeling I am going to be talking about your impressive development as a blogger in future years to my students. Proud of you!


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