What Is An Effective Classroom?

“Is it okay to have fun at school?”

I will be 100 real with you on this one. To me, school is about learning and improving your education, but who said you can’t do that and still have fun? As a middle schooler, I think that school should be about learning, but in a really creative way. I think that middle schools and grade schools should teach students how to learn in a fun way. I don’t agree with the high school systems where everything is just plain boring and uncreative. I think learning in a creative way is the best way of learning.

“What do you think an effective classroom would look like?”

In my opinion, an effective classroom is a classroom where students do not have to be the best at a subject but can try their best. Where students get their work and assignments done during school hours. Using all the school hours provided to finish tasks and assignments. Not to mention, the type of teaching strategy the teachers use is a very important rule in making an effective classroom. If teachers do not provide a learning strategy that gets into the young heads of students, it will be very hard for students and teachers to do anything.

I do not think that a classroom should be based on where students sit. I think that students should be allowed to sit where ever they feel like sitting, just like the real world. In our classroom, I have realized that Sir has been changing the classroom seating at least once a week. However, I don’t think he realizes that anywhere we sit, we will still be talking and chatting. This is why I say that the classroom seating has nothing to do with how effective a classroom is. If students want to talk, they will. It doesn’t matter who. We will always be talking. I think that one of the only ways that there is a lower chance of students talking is if there is a creative assignment that attracts their attention.

If students are assigned cool assignments, they would want to get it done. And will forget all about talking. So you see, seating arrangements, in my opinion, have nothing to do with how effective a classroom is. It is the work and/or assignments that are being assigned.


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