What I Think A Valedictorian Speech Should Be Like

Image result for graduation speeches funnyIt’s that time of year where everything we do is somewhat on the line. It’s almost June, which means that all grade 8s are starting to get ready for their upcoming graduation. A main priority for getting ready for grad is the valedictorian speech, which I personally dislike. So out of nowhere, I was like, hey, why not blog about why you hate speeches. More specifically, this one.

As a grade 8, I think that a speech that important that will be said at OUR graduation should include ALL our thoughts into it. I think to boost a lame speech like this would be if EVERYONE had the chance to say something. I think it would be cool if every grade 8 came up with a sentence or so for this speech and would say they’re lines in order. I even think that the audience (parents/relatives) would much rather listen to their daughters/sons say at least one part of the speech, rather than one student talking for hours.

It’s actually unfair… Having only one person represent a full class of students whose mouths are shut because they’re speech “wasn’t good enough”. It would be more creative, fun and a really unique way to graduate, making everyone feel welcomed and valued. I’m not saying that the traditional valedictorian speech should be changed… no please don’t get me wrong… I’m just expressing how I feel about this certain speech and why I dislike it.

Image result for graduation speeches funny



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