Smart About Medicines~ What I Learned

Related imageToday we were assigned 6 articles to be reading on The first article I chose to read was called “Smart About Medicines”. In summary, the article was talking about different methods to make sure we are taking our medications correctly and safely. I learned many things from this article that I did not know. Most of which, I will share with you today in this blog.

The first thing I learned from that article was to not share my medications with anyone but me, myself and I. Also, not to take anyone’s medications. Unless a doctor said I could, it would be dangerous and harmful to both sides, me and the person I’m taking medications from. I once used my aunts medications when I was little and I was sent to the hospital… dont judge me, I thought it was candy. I sort of had to learn it the hard way. ( I might have been lucky that one time, but do not try this. Warning, do not try this.)

Another thing I learned was to not stop taking my medications, even after I feel better. I know for sure I am guilty of this one. I can take just one pill for one day, and if I start feeling better, I would just forget about taking another one. However, this is wrong. Your body needs that medication so that it makes sure the sickness or whatever you have will not be coming back to you.

The last thing I learned, which is actually not really the last thing, was that it really bad to take medicines if they are already expired. I know many people do this, but with medicines be careful. There are unexpected harmful things that may happen to you that I will not mention because I do not know.


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