Congratulations On Clicking

I find it hard to show appreciation for people who do well. It’s not that I don’t know how to congratulate them… Sometimes, I just like keeping things to myself and appreciating them on my own. However, now, I have changed my mind.

After reading a paragraph from the book “The Essential 55” about congratulating classmates, I realized that I would want people to congratulate me. Who doesn’t want to be congratulated on something they have worked hard for? When individuals work hard for something, it is our duty to tell them how hard working they have been and congratulating them on that. It would not only make us fImage result for good job teameel better but is most likely going to boost this person’s self-esteem and will make their day.

I know when people congratulate me, I feel like all my hard work was useful. Now, I’m not saying that if people don’t congratulate me, I throw all my hard work in the trash. But as an appreciation for my hard work, it is nice from people to congratulate others.

I think sir read to us that paragraph to get us thinking. I think something most people lack is the sense of selflessness. Congratulating others will not bring you down, but will gain you respect from others.

I think that the paragraph sir read was a bit too dramatic, talking about how if someone goes off beat while clapping, that it is inappropriate. I do not see that, I see it as just clapping like a normal human being. So maybe some of the content was a bit too extra because I personally do not think it is rude or disrespectful if someone went off beat while clapping, but I see their point.

Overall, I think I will congratulate many people today on cool things they have done. And I’ll hope people congratulate me too. Anyways, congratulations on making it this far in my blog. Peace…


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