What I Say VS What I Actually Mean

If this world was lies-free, I would be the first to be screwed. I don’t lie about anything in particular. But when I do, most of the time its because I don’t want people to see me as mean or rude. Sometimes its not even about that. Sometimes, instead of explaining my feelings, I just say a word or two that may describe how I am feeling.  I listed some examples so you’ll understand what I mean.

Image result for 5 more minutes meme


What i say:Just 5 more minutes…

What I mean: Just 5 more years…



What I say: I hate you (Usually when people do dumb things like expose me)

What I actually mean: You’re being a rat and I currently dont like you, but ill probably get over it by the next hour.


What I say: Can you not (Usually to people who say

Image result for wondering memesomething unnecessary)

What I mean: Please keep going because I would like to know your thoughts about this, but at the same time please shut up.


What I say: I love you (usually to friends)

What I actually mean: I think you’re a good friend and I like you. You’re not that special… lol


What I say: Are you dumb?Image result for are you dumb meme

What I mean: I’m trying not to lose this argument but I currently have no comebacks so I’m just going to tell you how dumb you sound.


Image result for do want to fight memeWhat I say: Do you want to fight with me right now?

What I mean: Don’t make trouble for yourself. I can call my brother and he’ll beat you up.


What I say: I don’t want to talk about it

What I mean: I can talk about this all day but you have to make the first move so I know you actually WANT to talk to me.


Image result for what I say vs meanWhat I say: I can’t because my parents won’t let me (going out)

What I mean: My parents said yes but I want to spend my night watching Netflix and eating on my bed.


What I say: I’m so proud of my sweat-dripping, hard work.

What I mean: I’m so proud of my copy and paste skills.


What I say: I’m DYING! Someone save me. I won’t make it alive… Here is my will *hands my will to a friend*

What I mean: I’m hungry.

So now, you know when I say any of these things, that I do not actually mean them. There obviously more to this list than just these 10 examples, but this would take forever, so I kept it short and simple. Peace..




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